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Author: Subject: Cooler than You

Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 856
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 25/10/2005 at 05:31 AM
I'm so cool I crap flaming baby jesuses riding wolverines! I'm so cool that when I sneeze four year olds freeze and the Japanese make card games out of my snot.

I can punch out god, impregnate a star and laugh poison nerve gas.

When I walk, the ground shys away from me, because it is not as cool as I...and thus I have to fly, which I can do...because I am that cool.

Step up! You've been served!


In the valley of the Goats, the Goat Fucker is King


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 618
Registered: 27/9/2002
Status: Offline

  posted on 26/10/2005 at 06:33 AM
I'm so cool that my satellite dish picks up television programs from other planets...commercial-free.

I'm so cool that my farts smell like roses in the springtime.

I'm so cool that when I walk outside...a band follows me around and plays my theme song, diamonds fall like rain from the sky and magic carpets appear so I can ride instead of walk.

Next up...You've been served!


"When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before." ~Mae West



Posts: 233
Registered: 11/7/2002
Status: Offline

  posted on 28/10/2005 at 12:03 AM
I am so amazingly cool that adjectives had to be made up just to describe me.

I am so cool that books wrote themselves about my life. Even Alien royalty bows down to me. I am so cool that the ground glistens and things grow where I step.
I am SO cool, that I can choose to walk places instead of anything magical and lazy and still be cooler than anyone around me.

Post after someone so cool, I dare you -
You've been served!



Posts: 317
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Online

  posted on 28/10/2005 at 01:58 AM
I am Devin


So Sayeth Me



Posts: 598
Registered: 24/8/2002
Status: Offline

  posted on 29/10/2005 at 10:44 AM
*blink blink* Devin wins. Devin's so cool, people take his name in vain.


Okay, dazzle me.



Posts: 233
Registered: 11/7/2002
Status: Offline

  posted on 29/10/2005 at 05:38 PM
thats what happens when you have a god on the site eh?

Devin is so cool that he doesn't even have to say he is cool, we just know.


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 856
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 7/11/2005 at 05:34 AM
Oddly enough I have taken his name in vain, quite recently...actually, right after reading that.

it went something like this..."Devin damn it...you win...bastard."



In the valley of the Goats, the Goat Fucker is King



Posts: 478
Registered: 22/9/2004
Status: Offline

  posted on 16/12/2005 at 02:57 PM
game set and match. with 2 words. devin is oviously the coolest.


fucking classy.



Posts: 344
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 16/12/2005 at 08:28 PM
Damn it all! I had one all prepared... wait, that doesn't sound cool.


co-worker: "Your gay!?"
myself: "Didn't you see my rainbow pin?"
co-worker: "I just thought you liked skettles."
-(yes, it actually happened to me)



Posts: 233
Registered: 11/7/2002
Status: Offline

  posted on 18/12/2005 at 06:51 AM
it doesn't really matter now.... none of us are comparibly cool anyway.

Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 856
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 20/12/2005 at 07:36 PM
Once I ate an entire bible...


In the valley of the Goats, the Goat Fucker is King



Posts: 233
Registered: 11/7/2002
Status: Offline

  posted on 21/12/2005 at 11:57 AM
thats pretty spiffy...
did it give you the joy joy joy down in your stomach?
when you crapped did it sing praises to god?


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 648
Registered: 24/9/2002
Status: Offline

  posted on 4/1/2006 at 03:48 PM
Hahaha I like that "joy joy joy down in your stomach" comment. It takes me back to my days of singing "I've got the joy joy joy down in my heart, where, down in my heart, where, down in my heart. If the Devil doesn't like it he can sit on a tack, what, sit on a tack, what sit on a tack."


"People always say what we are looking for is a meaning for life…I don't think that's what we're looking for. I think what we're looking for is the experience of being alive." -Joseph Campbell


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 897
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 5/1/2006 at 03:19 AM
Damn, that brings back memories! We didn't sing the verse about the Devil sitting on a tack. (The Devil being a Force to be Reckoned with, and not an appropriate subject for Levity.) But we did sing "I have the beautiful belief that will baffle the Bolsheviks" (a nice tongue-twister, and apparently it's OK to laugh at Bolsheviks), and "I have the wonderful love of my Blessed Redeemer way down in the depths of my heart." Which, of course, was supposed to be sang with increasing speed with hilarious results.

Ahh, the good old days, where good was good and bad was bad, and if you weren't sure, you could ask a minister and he would tell you what to do.

Of course, it says something for the good old days that singing that song was one of the high points. *sigh*

[Edited on 1/5/2006 by Schizo]


"You can tell by the scars on my arms and the cracks in my hips and the dents in my car and the blisters on my lips that I'm not the carefullest of girls." - Dresden Dolls, "Girl Anachronism"



Posts: 233
Registered: 11/7/2002
Status: Offline

  posted on 6/1/2006 at 01:48 AM
yeah i enjoyed that song when i was smaller... and in church.. and all innocent and jazz like that. >.>

sort of offhand - i am taking part in a little debate thing on another forum about "Good" and "Evil" (good and bad). The original question being which is stronger? but then we got into what is good and what is evil then? and it has been pointed out that they are really just adjectives to describe what we agree and disagree with considering the fact that its all a matter of perspective. It is kind of a fun debate because there are many members that are quite young and still have the "bad is bad and good is good duh" approach so in my last post i asked one to define what characteristics or marterial objects were "Good" in every scenario because he have this really simple answer that good came first and would prevail and evil was a warped and twisted version of good and would die out. - so what really came first? the chicken or the egg?


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 759
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 17/1/2006 at 08:32 AM
most of those arguements about good and evil forget or ignore that fact that there are other states as well like bored, not paying attention, asleep, and birth. I think that is why i find them all so funny. "is it evil to kill someone" sometimes it is, but sometimes its logical or kind or an accident or incidental. Good and Evil rarely impact a person's day, in my experience. unhappy, happy, waiting, and busy happen much more often and are less debated.

maybe cuz its hard to debate the roll of bordom in a meaningful life. Is being busy "stronger" than being asleep? is happiness or bordom or unhappiness our natural state and is there a higher power leading us to not pay attention? see what i mean. good and evil gets more debate time, just like porn gets more play than "basic skills needed to please yourself and others in bed". cuz its not as real and present (for most of us at least)


Real goths wear silver and crosses to keep the werewolves and vampires away.



Posts: 355
Registered: 5/8/2004
Status: Offline

  posted on 28/1/2006 at 04:38 AM
What I find strange is the argument often given within these debates: Without evil there can be no good. I am not sure if this is a misunderstanding of the comparative nature of good and evil as opposites, or whether people really, truly beleive that in a world with a normative moral basis that something defined as good would cease to be good if all evil was wiped out of existence. It is also one of those ersatz nihilist points of view, 'Oh, how negative I am, if an ultimate victory is achieved then defeat is assured.' It simply doesn't follow that dark should cease to exist because light no longer shines (ok, I know, not a strictly analogous argument due to the fact that good and bad are opposite, rather than one being an absence of the other).

With regards to whether the chicken or the egg took precedence, I would say that evil must have followed good, unless there is an absolute moral framework (which I have yet to find evidence of) in which case they came into existence siultaneously. My reasoning for evil following good is simply that as the two are comparative one relies on the other for its definition and it seems to me that, given the development, as far as is known, of human life on this planet that a concept of evil would not have come about until larger social groups started to collide. Good is doing something for someone, whereas a leadership challenge amongst a tribal group, or the death of someone would have been a neutral occurence until the imposition of leadership upon other groups, and their subjugation required the related imposition of the superior group's 'moral' code. May not be right, but it seems to make sense.

Callei, I disagree with you that you can group bored, busy good and evil together. They are states of being as well, but in this case good and evil must surely be a property of an action, whether it be inherent or acquired. It is very difficult to refer to actions as not paying attention, though they are often attributed the quality of good or evil. I hear what you are saying, though. Mental masturbation moral discussion may be, but it is an important masturbatory experience. The questioning of our groundings for beleif is easily facilitated by ethical debate because it is applicable and often reductable to the very bases for dogmas, points of view etc.


Eritis sicut Deus scientes bonum et malum.

And the third angel sounded, and a troll army did descend upon the world.



Posts: 580
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 28/1/2006 at 06:29 PM
Whenever my old buddy Freidrich could be pulled down out of his loft, he always chastised me to get beyond good and evil. But, since he was a grown man who spent most of his days pouting in the belfry, I'll just call him a crank. Hmmm... this attitude seems to be prevalent amongst manic depressives now that I'm considering that. I remember that little wussy from Denmark that used to mope around the hallways and never complained about the playground beatings because "...there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so". Oh, god, and then there was whiny little Danish Søren... always with the Sickness Unto Death, and the Stop With the Kicking and his epic work, I Just Know It's Malignant.

But enough with the obscure, dead Europeans and their whinging.

I look at the good and evil question this way *tilting my head to the side and squinting*: There is no such thing as dark or cold. Dark is the absence of light, and cold is the absence of heat. Neither have an independent existence. Similarly, there is no good. Good is the default setting when some shithead doesn't wander by to screw things up. My day doesn't have to be filled with lottery wins and hours of great sex... as long as my creditors have remained at bay, I call it a "good" thing.


"I believe that woman is planning to shoot me again."


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 897
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 29/1/2006 at 07:26 AM
My, getting a bit off-topic, aren't we? I guess it's partially my fault!

I personally have mostly ceased to think in terms of right and wrong, but rather in terms of what is condusive or not condusive to acheiving my goals and becoming the person I want to be. I do not lie because A.) it is too easy to screw yourself over by getting caught, B.) I do not enjoy the feeling of lying, and C.) I DO enjoy the feeling and benefits of being a straight-forward, reliable person.

I also no longer tend to get too upset if someone else does something I would not do myself. I am not so naive that I think everyone is going to use the methods I would choose to acheive the goals I would choose. In fact, I am quite aware that there are people who enjoy interfering with others and causing them pain. However, this does not mean that I will sit with folded hands and sigh "Ah, I'm sure they are only doing what they feel they need to do." Because my goals do not include being a sitting duck. And my methods definitely include some basic defensive and evasive maneuvering, and, when necessary, a touch of the well-directed counter-offensive. And hopefully, the opposing person will realize that continuing in their present course of action is not accommplishing THEIR goals, and try their business elsewhere, where they can find someone whose goals seem to include becoming a victim.

But "right" and "wrong"? "Good" and "evil"? Those are words for those who have the goal of controlling other people, or of allowing themselves to be controlled by others.

Those who truly have the goal of pursuing actions labelled as "evil" are not going to be deterred by definitions such as these. And those who have a goal of pursuing "good" actions are only going to be hampered by wasting time evaluating if what they are doing is really "good" or not. The only person who benefits from these terms are those who have trouble figuring out what they REALLY want to be or to get from life. It sets a course of action for them that will hopefully cause a minimum of needless suffering for themselves and others.

Perhaps, given the countless numbers of sheep that inhabit this world, it is necessary to have such an artificial set-up in place to minimize chaos and keep them out of the thinking people's hair. But since my goals don't include being a shepherd of sheep, then I really don't concern myself too much with such things.


"You can tell by the scars on my arms and the cracks in my hips and the
dents in my car and the blisters on my lips that I'm not the carefullest of
girls." - Dresden Dolls, "Girl Anachronism"


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 759
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 30/1/2006 at 05:07 PM
While I can see your point about the development of good and evil, it makes some assumptions about which I am uneasy. For example, why is it “evil” for one group to subjugate another group rather than a neutral occurrence (survival of the fittest) like subjugating a group of animals or plants (agriculture and husbandry)? After all, if the conquers’ way of doing things makes them more fit to their time and place, then isn’t it a “good” thing to impose that better way of doing things? As a side note, I doubt there is anything less moral than a moral code, but I do truly digress.

Though we tend to not speak of boredom as a property in and of itself, that is merely a limitation of our language, not a limitation of boredom. Other languages (romance languages at least) Do allow boredom to be used the same way we linguistically use good and evil. And we often say an action is thoughtless (not paying attention) or careless. To rob boredom of its due and pass its measure to evil or good is to cheapen human experience. We as people are more interesting than binary code (good and evil) and to use that monochrome framework to explain the human gestalt is to lose much of what it means and feels like to be human. I, at least, have felt the power of boredom far more often than I have that of EVIL or GOOD and I have certainly seen more careless, thoughtless actions than I have both good and evil lumped together.

And it is easy to blend the conversations of "good vs evil" and "god" and "moral codes" and "ethics" and those semi related topic, just like it is easy to blend the conversations of "sex vs chasity" and "lust vs love" and "what is love" adn those semi related things. But it is more fun, at least in the mastubatory sense, to pick each nit one at a time.


Real goths wear silver and crosses to keep the werewolves and vampires

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