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Author: Subject: Co-whiners


Posts: 470
Registered: 23/9/2002
Status: Offline

  posted on 17/9/2003 at 02:28 AM
Alright, I come to work early almost every day. Usually 3 hours early so I don't have to deal with extra stress when my classes get started. I come to work early so I can work on things and listen to music and be unstressed by twenty different teachers asking me for things.

I come to work this morning and I was suprisingly not first. The co-worker was sitting at her desk starring at the wall. I wanted to put on some music. I asked to put on some music, she looked away from the wall, looked at me, and said, "I'm offended by music" without any modifiers. Not rock, or country, or rap, just music. Music in general, I mean fuck people, I'd be happy to just have a little Bach in the back but no, she's offended by fucking music.

This is the same co-workers who told me she was a better vegitarian than I was, who refuses to associated with other teachers outside of the office (we a party people here) or anything else social. And she's offended by music.

I understand she's a buddhist, and I respect her beliefs, but fuck, I like buddhist chants, can I listen to that? No, she's offended by music.

Working, pissy, whinning, motherfuckers taking up my time, and being generally a huge pain in my ass.

Anyone else with fun co-whiner experiences to relate? Make me feel less like killing my current ones, hopefully.


It's like kegel exercises for your throat.~Monolycus

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Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 897
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 17/9/2003 at 03:22 AM
Oh damn...

There's this not-so-little old lady at work - well, not so old, really, but she looks 20 years older than she is - who is driving me goddamned crazy!!!

When I first started working at my job, I worked in an area called "Hi-Tech Singles", which always made me think of a dating service for robots! On one side of me sat a punk girl who became one of my best friends. On the other side was Gloria.

Gloria did not like the fact that Punk and I talked to each other. So she tattled on me and said I was stopping work to talk, which was a lie. Actually, she is the one who was always turned completely around from her work to talk to the woman behind her. So Punk and I got separated, and I was sent back to the section called "KP". There I worked with a sweet woman named Claudia, until she got transferred to shipping. Guess who got to take her place? Gloria in excelsius fucking deo.

Gloria does not like how I pick up the routing ticket to fill out my paperwork. If I just take it, she freaks out that I might have taken the wrong one. If I ask for it, she freaks out that I'm pressuring her. If I just stand there and wait for her to hand it to her, she freaks out that I'm freaking her out.

Gloria does not like it that I like the little, brass stands for building my bearings because she likes the tall steel ones.

Gloria does not like to let me get my own tooling, even though I have been doing it by myself for months.

Gloria hates it when I pour a dishful of balls. She tells me I'll get in trouble for it. I do it because reaching into the box of balls is a hazard for me, since I'm allergic to the oil. And I've done it right in front of my boss, and she doesn't give a damn.

Gloria hates it when I consolidate the bearing trays, even though my supervisor told her I could.

Gloria told me that I could not set up the bearing building machine myself, because the engineer in charge of that machine doesn't like it. Well, the engineer in charge was the one who trained me how to do it. And then my boss told me I could do it. And then the machine broke down, I fixed it, and the engineer in charge congratulated me on it.

Gloria complains when I don't come to her area to build bearings. She thinks I belong to her exclusively. She complains that no one builds her bearings. But when she has more than one person to build, she complains about the pressure of having to keep up with people.

Yesterday, I was called over to KP to build two jobs of bearings. Some management/engineer type guy was being trained to pretend to do the work we do. He was on the first job, and so was I. I finished my trays, some of his trays, and finally I was done and he was on his last tray. So I left him to finish his tray, and moved on to the second job. I finished that one right before he finished his tray. I was congratulating myself on working so quickly, when Gloria came up to me and started yelling at me for finishing the job, because supposedly (though no one had informed me of this), he was supposed to be trained on both jobs. Well, excuse me for not reading your mind and dawdling around, but usually, the point of the place is to get good work out as quickly as possible!

Oh, whenever I work in Hi-Tech Singles now, no one cares if I talk and I never get in trouble.

And, they've found up the Gloria can't keep up with her work load in KP, so they're going to train me to do her job so I can help her keep up. Hooray. Maybe she can't keep up because she's too busy complaining.


"You can tell by the scars on my arms and the cracks in my hips and the dents in my car and the blisters on my lips that I'm not the carefullest of girls." - Dresden Dolls, "Girl Anachronism"



Posts: 470
Registered: 23/9/2002
Status: Offline

  posted on 17/9/2003 at 06:15 AM
Well, Gloria has the ability to annoy across an ocean, what a bitch, Schizo, I'm so sorry, I have no right to complain in light of your turmoil, but here is a hopeful thought, maybe they are training you to do her job so they can fire her ass, here's hoping.....

God dammit, why is it that no one I work with can do their job unless I am holding there fucking hand. One of my teachers today said that we should have everything planned out day by day, in a package that all he had to do was open a draw and get the package and he would be prepared. Now, that's great, that's a lovely idea, if you believe that teaching takes no prep time, no intitutive skill for judging a classes ability, and no practical distribution of homework and assignments based on student age and level. Would you like me to unzip for you, or should I just bend the fuck over.....


It's like kegel exercises for your throat.~Monolycus


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 1570
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 17/9/2003 at 10:56 AM
"I'm a better vegetarian than you" coming from a buddhist...isn't that attitude kind of defeating the point of well...being buddhist? You know, denying the ego and all that..

Speaking of buddhists (well I dont' know if they were buddhists) but I saw MONKS in the mall yesterday!!

Well schitz HOPEFULLY Dom is right and they're training you to take her spot permanantly. Gloria sounds like a goddamned nightmare. I can't STAND people like that. Pathetic enough to focus SO much on ONE person's business that they can't handle their own. Is she doing this to OTHER people or JUST you? If it's just you then this woman has serious problems. I can see if she was just a bitchy unhappy woman who was like that to EVERYONE, but focusing on one person just for the hell of it is insane. It could just come down to the fact that you're making her look bad by doing your job well. I'm suprised management hasn't noticed a trend in her behavior.


Trapped in time. Surrounded by evil. Low on gas.



Posts: 317
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Online

  posted on 17/9/2003 at 04:29 PM
If I even start talking about annoyingman, I'll fill up all the disk space on the server and still won't be done.


So Sayeth Me


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 897
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 17/9/2003 at 05:48 PM
Oh, Gloria's been around that place since the fucking dark ages, so I don't think she's going anywhere soon. My work is like that - if someone's been there long enough, they can get away with murder, while the newbies get stomped for nothing. That's why I had such a tough time when I first started.

And she treats everyone that way. You just have to learn to let it roll off. I just find it very funny how she whines to get me to work for her, then whines about how I work, and then whines about how she can't keep up with me, while I laugh all the way back to Hi-Tech Singles. And when I learn her job, I'm going to have a blast beating her socks off with no experience at all, compared to her years and years of experience. It shouldn't be hard. I remember when Claudia worked in KP, it was rare for there not to be work for me, and generally there was enough for a couple others. Now I'm surprized if she can keep ahead of me for more than two days at a time. That shouldn't be hard to beat.

One more thing about her - she likes to complain about people to their best friends. She complained to me about how she didn't like Punk's anime-red hair. And when I took a day off, ONE day, she asked Punk if I had gotten fired. Oh, and one of the first things I remember her saying to me when I started working here was some snide comment about my spider eyebrow ring.

You just gotta love Gloria!


"You can tell by the scars on my arms and the cracks in my hips and the
dents in my car and the blisters on my lips that I'm not the carefullest of
girls." - Dresden Dolls, "Girl Anachronism"



Posts: 293
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 17/9/2003 at 07:14 PM
Is it me or does it seem like no matter where you work, theres always a "Gloria"? Not so much the name, i mean just the horrid awful person that acts like that and pulls all kinds of bullshit... people suck.


"Thou shalt not be afraid of the dark, nor of graveyards nor ghosts nor the devil, for thou art scarey and mean." -The Goth commandments



Posts: 511
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 17/9/2003 at 08:27 PM
Teaching takes all kinds of prep time and intuitive skill. I know, I homeschooled my kids for a while there. It was unbelievable the amount of work and patience you had you have. I quit, because I got a child who wouldn't do ANY-GODDAMN THING i TOLD HER TO DO!!!. I sent them to public school for the sake of my own sanity.. Everyone's much happier now. They don't have Mom telling them how they should learn, and they're making much-needed social contacts. Although my 9-year old thinks she has a boyfriend, and that just gives me cold chills. I don't have kids telling me to go to hell and leave them alone. That itself is worth it. (Incidentally, my 9 year old who was the problem, does her homework religiously every night, because she wants to be the best in her class. I guess there's something to be said for competiveness.) I do have two kindergarten boys who are bored out of their freakin' minds and are causing no end of trouble for their teachers, because they can already read and do basic math. I should have left them alone. They hate kindergarten. They keep asking me when they can go to first grade. I tell them they have to go to Kindergarten to learn to get along with other kids their age. That, in my opinion is the prime purpose of school in this country. It doesn't matter what you learn, it matters how well you follow directions and fit in. My 7 year old daughter is learning that right now. She has a princess complex, and is learning that she can't just do whatever she wants. That is more valuable to her than learning her addition facts to 12, in my opinion. I can teach her that. Any idiot could teach or learn that. What matters here, is how to fit yourself into the machine. The only way you learn that is going through the machine. It kills me to find out how much this is true. Nothing I could ever do would spare them these much-needed, but very painful lessons. Damn.




Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 618
Registered: 27/9/2002
Status: Offline

  posted on 17/9/2003 at 10:56 PM
There was a "Gloria" at work I was forced to endure until she managed to act an idiot in front of the boss. Then as a topper wandered in after some sort of pain killer shot in her ass, and proceeded to undo her pants and begin to lower them in front of a store full of customers. I stopped her in mid-drop and curiously she never showed up for work again after that...even when she was asked to be a call in.


"When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before." ~Mae West


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 1570
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 18/9/2003 at 11:35 AM
K now see I've been mooned five times at work, and for some reason they thought it ADDED to the positivity of the store's enviroment


Trapped in time. Surrounded by evil. Low on gas.



Posts: 470
Registered: 23/9/2002
Status: Offline

  posted on 19/9/2003 at 04:44 AM
I have word bingo game I do with one of my classes and I'm sure the person who made it is at least as bored as I, as it includes such jems as:
I moon, O girl, O peas, I ball


It's like kegel exercises for your throat.~Monolycus


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 1570
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 21/9/2003 at 08:21 PM
You know that reminds me of the hillarious japanese to english translations on a box of those squishy yo yo balls that we got into work...

"Finger use!"(next to an absurd grinning character) and "To avoid the sharp object and point" (next to a hazard sign)


Trapped in time. Surrounded by evil. Low on gas.



Posts: 7
Registered: 19/10/2003
Status: Offline

  posted on 19/10/2003 at 04:41 PM
I've done temp work for almost six years, and there are "Glorias" of all shapes and sizes everywhere. There is always someone who makes it their lifelong duty to be the biggest asshole they can be. I've worked with homeless people to big-wig coke sniffin CEOs (it's amazing what you find in others desks whilst snooping and I find that when people reach middle management, they join this dark cult of supreme assholiness. They are the ones who live, breath, sleep, fuck, and snort work. They are always there way early, and way late, and the only time they are not there is when they are home with their poor families on the weekends, when you are working away your youth. They take everything serious, from dipshit uniforms ("uniforms give the company unity!") to utter rediculous rule following ("you didn't try three times to sell them product A. I don't care if they said no. I don't care if they cursed at you and hung up. You must attempt to sell three times. Never agree when a customer says our company makes mistakes. We never make mistakes.") I hate them all and hope they all die of syphillis.


"soylent grun ist meishenfleisch"



Posts: 287
Registered: 31/10/2003
Status: Offline

  posted on 31/10/2003 at 01:51 AM
What about the brownnosers? They're just as bad as the whiners, if not worse.

Then there's the hybrid ass-kisser-cum-whiner...so much as mouth the f-word, even if the desk is deserted, and she's in my boss's office faster than you can say "backstabbing bitch."



Posts: 206
Registered: 1/1/2003
Status: Offline

  posted on 5/11/2003 at 12:07 AM
My old boss was a drunken, loud mouthed, mother of 7 from Boston who aparently fuelled her endorphins by screaming at me for not something I was never taught, or doing something I was never told to do. She drank on the job, ursed like a sailor, and had a tendency to throw things at you after hours. Like mops, and paper weights. No shit. Ceste' la vive!


“The only thing that can alter the good writer is death.”
“You know that if I were reincarnated, I’d want to come back a buzzard. Nothing hates him. He is never bothered or in danger, and he can eat anything.”



Posts: 115
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 9/11/2003 at 09:51 PM
hmmph. old job, I worked with "Ned Flanders" who could not understand that I truly had no interest in hearing about the only topics of conversation he knew - God, Promise Keepers, sports, and his kids. I tried to politely tell him I don't like sports, etc, and he'd just give you the "showing a dog a card trick" look.

Then the last job I had, the owner of the company was a hateful bastard who could not understand that he should not call a female client from the state "honey." I finally got fired for sticking up for my coworkers by telling him not to use his typical racist and sexist comments. Good ridance.

My current boss is great. His boss, however hates the fact that I refuse to bow to the Corporate Ideal. He makes fun of me to my face in what he thinks is a witty way that I won't understand. I don't even bother to let him know..... The guy is a loud mouth wind-bag that sounds and looks like John Lovitz.

I have noticed a trend of the shit rising to the top - someone who is a moron often will get advanced to middle management so they don't actually have to screw things up with their "work."



Posts: 4
Registered: 27/11/2002
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  posted on 19/12/2003 at 08:56 AM
Try this one ! I have a co-worker who is offended only by the music that is played in our store. He hates it and bitches about it everyday. He is also allergic to a number of things like: the broom , the dish water , cleaning, and above all WORK! We all hate him . He is soo lazy , and it tweeks everyones nerves to the point where we pull out our hair. I have not a clue why he is still there, but he is....


Don't FREAK on me MMM-KAY.



Posts: 247
Registered: 19/1/2004
Status: Offline

  posted on 25/2/2004 at 05:14 PM
"If I even start talking about annoyingman, I'll fill up all the disk space on the server and still won't be done."

Oh Devin.. don't forget his partner.. annoying woman!



Posts: 76
Registered: 23/1/2004
Status: Offline

  posted on 26/2/2004 at 04:39 AM
I give my advice free, providing I get eventual feedback.
I hardly ever give free advice, so feel special, and loved.

Dr Shmooth says:

Schizo .. Learn the song "Gloria" by Umberto Tozzi , and sing it to her loud as hell when she annoys you. Put feeling in to it! Sing it as if you have a gherkin up your ass.
Alternatively by Michel Polnareff..hahaha :-D *rolls on the floor laughing*. Or by Carlos Gardel.

First of all, you need to realise that there's something about you that makes her cling to you in her mind the way she does. She likes you. And I understand you dont want her to like you.
But then again, understand that if it wasnt you, it would probably be somebody else.
She "needs" to cling to somebody. She gets a huge payoff from doing what she does.

Also, understand that she thinks about everything that happens at work excessively.
Use that knowledge to your advantage, without being mean.
Dont ask me how I know, I just do. Im intuitive.
It really shouldnt take a lot to get her off your back.

Just dont go bowling with her. Dont roll with what she throws at you. i.e. her correcting you out of habbit etc.
I am confident this bitch can turn into a tolerable person.

If she keeps it up.. Ask her questions like.. "Do you know what the most common cause of death is in Hawaii?"
Keep a mental pokerface.
You dont have to "live in her head" unless you want to. Y'Feel me?

If things dont get better.. Try this..
"Gloria,Do you read the bible? ...............
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyrany of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of cherity and goodwill sheopards the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper, and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengence and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers, and you will know my name is the lord when I lay my vengence upon thee." *hit her in the head with something nine times until she is dead*

And about the so called "Buddhist".. Ask her about her religion.. Then say "uhm" "uhuh" ..repetatively .. so it sounds like some kind of chant.

In the unlikely event of her initiating conversation and she annoys you..ask her if she has a microwave, and roll your eyes at her answer.
Ask her if she eats hot food. Roll your eyes.
Ask her if she has a digital wristwatch. Roll your eyes.
Ask her how many towels she uses when she showers. Roll your eyes.
Ask her if she has carbon fibre in her walls. When she answers, ask her "Are you sure???!" . Then tell her she's in danger. Dont tell her why.




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