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Fiction: Memoirs of Divinity: Chapter three
Posted by feralucce on Saturday, January 06, 2007 - 12:56 AM PST

Have you ever read the book? I don't mean read what they told you to in Sunday school or during the services. I mean, have you ever REALLY read it? Not many people have. There are some parts that seem to contradict themselves when you read it all. There are a couple reasons for that. We told a human the story. The human, unable to comprehend certain aspects of what we were telling him, did the best he could.
As an example, let's talk about the kosher, or dietary, laws from the Torah. Most of these we dictated to man. Yes, I said most. I don't know where, or more importantly, why someone decided to say no meat and dairy together. Honestly, why would we say no cheeseburgers or chicken quesadillas? As for the rest of them, they make sense when you look at today's knowledge of biology. Now, try explaining microbial issues to someone who knew only what he could see. How do you explain that there are teeny animals all over the place and you had to kill them in order to make certain foods safe? Let me tell you this – you can't. We tried. It was simpler to lay out laws of how to handle certain things. Even today, kosher butcheries are exempt from most USDA regulation because our laws are that effective at preventing food-borne illnesses.

So, here we are: the sixth day. We have created everything. Now, we rest. Some would have you believe that we did so because we needed rest. This was not the reason. Have you ever set up a massive display of dominoes? Or spent an entire day with your best friend and your action figures setting up the ultimate battle? What did you do when you were finished, before the action started? You did what we did. You sat back and admired your work. It sounds arrogant or vain, but it is the truth. We had set up the ultimate display of dominoes and we wanted to look at it, to enjoy our work. Okay, that is not the ONLY reason. We also wanted to lay in the grass, ride a horse, swim in the oceans, stand on the tallest mountain top, throw some snow balls, play with a puppy and pet a kitten.

We did sanctify the seventh day. We set it aside as holy. Most believers think that by holy we mean solemn faces, hushed voices, kneeling and serious worship. What we mean by holy is having a spiritually pure quality to it. Honestly, the most spiritually pure things I can imagine are the simple things in life. The sun, music, the rain, dancing, puppies, the laughter of children, making love, all the things that bring joy – these are truly holy. On the seventh day, do what brings you joy – that's what we did.

“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.”

Go back and read it, I'll wait. Yes, we created the universe in five “days,” and on the sixth, we made man. The second chapter states that we made Adam separately. And this is true. We, for the first time, huddled up and proposed an experiment. We made Adam, not from the dirt as the book says. Well, I guess technically, we did. We made him from the same star-stuff we used to make everything else. Then we gave him a soul. Yes, we are quite enamored of the soul.

Once we made Adam, we made paradise. A place that was truly holy. The most beautiful place imaginable. Every beautiful plant, every beast and bird and fish. We put them all in one place for this one, special man. Then we placed the soul within him, and started the processes of life. These processes, too, are holy.

At first, our experiment was a success. The man we had made took joy from his surroundings, and was truly happy. He was happy for a while, at least. He began to notice the animals all had a mate and he became lonely. This saddened us greatly. Even our presence was not enough for his needs. Of course, in retrospect, perhaps this was a flaw in us as well. I mean, we made the universe to fill a void in ourselves. We made the planet to fill the void in ourselves. We made the plants and the animals to fill a void in ourselves. We made this one, special man to fill a void in ourselves. This void, it seems taints everything we made. A wise man once said, “The purest water has no fish.” The flaws in reality make it all the more beautiful. It is true for humans, animals, the nature of the universe and all other things. Just look at a quartz crystal – the fractures within its structure make it a more beautiful stone than the most perfect diamond.

So Adam asked us, “Why do I not have a mate? The other animals do. Is there something wrong with me?”

This was such heart-wrenching thing to hear: that our dear boy believed something was wrong with him because of a flaw in ourselves. This would not do.

So we made Adam a woman, a mate. Her name was Lilith. She was truly a work of art. Her skin was soft and smooth in the right places. She was hard in the right places. She was round in the right places. In short, she was as perfect as we could make her. We took her to the garden and showed her its wonders and its beauty.

“Lilith, this is all yours. All that you see, all that you can taste and feel, hear and smell is yours.”

“Thank you.”

We walked with her in the garden and she liked what she saw. We could not blame her, for it was good. Our meandering path took us through the garden and eventually we came upon Adam, frolicking in the water with the otters we had made. Lilith watched him with interest for a while and then turned to us.

“I thought this was all mine.”

“It is. All of it.”

“Then why, pray tell, is he here?”

“He and the garden are part and parcel. They are yours.”

She sat for a while and thought. And then she asked us, “What will be required of me if I stay?”

“Well, honestly, we made you to be Adam's mate.”

“I see. What if I do not want to be his mate?”

We had not anticipated this response. It was quite a surprise to us, that the woman we had made for Adam would not want to be his. We could not demand it, nor would we. It seems the gift of a soul made mankind unpredictable. It gave them free will. While it was not expected, this too, was good. We told her so.

Lilith agreed to live in the garden with Adam for a time. They spoke and enjoyed each other's presence. It seemed, that they were truly meant for each other and this pleased us greatly. Clearly, however, we were wrong. She called out to us, and again we walked and talked together.

“What is it that troubles you, darling girl?”

“I am afraid to say, as I am afraid that you will be angry with me.”

“Please tell us. It is not our nature to be angry with truth.”

She swallowed hard, looking at the ground. “I do not wish to be Adam's mate.”

We had anticipated this, but we wanted to understand our creations. “Why?”

“He expects me to be like the females of the other species. He wants me to present myself when he wants, the way he wants. He does not understand that I cannot just give him what he says he needs. I have needs too.”

“That saddens us.”

“I wish to leave the garden.”

“Just because you do not want to be Adam's mate, you do not have to leave the garden.”

She smiled then, and we saw that she was, indeed, one of our most beautiful creations. “That is not why I wish to leave. I want to see all that there is. I want to learn all that there is to know.”

“Would this make you happy, Lilith?”

“Yes. Yes, it would.”

“Then it must be so. Leave the garden, see all that there is, learn all there is to know.”

Some would be confused by their creation behaving in this manner. While unexpected, it was not confusing. This was a glorious turn of events. We truly had made mankind in our image. The desire for understanding and curiosity, in my opinion, is divine. We had started an experiment in existence and in free will. Lilith exercised her free will and removed herself from the experiment. I guess that made her the first, and ultimate, control subject.

With Lilith gone from the garden, we went to Adam. He was weeping for the loss of Lilith. “The woman you made for me is gone!”

“We know, dearest boy. We know.” We held Adam as he wept and eventually he slept. While he slept, we once again decided that we would make a mate for him. From the stuff of the cosmos we created another man and brought him to life. As he took his first breath, he opened his eyes and smiled. As with Lilith, he was a work of art. We spoke with him much the same as we had Lilith. Stephen was delighted to be the mate for Adam.

It seemed all was well for a time. Eventually, however, we came upon Stephen weeping in the garden. The sound of weeping was the sound of discord in the symphony of existence. We spoke with Stephen then.

“Why do you weep?”

“Adam does not want me as his mate. He wants a woman, like the one before. And I am lonely.”

“This will not do.” We touched Stephen and put him to sleep and resolved to end his misery. Adam never knew what we did next. We made another garden and another man. We took Stephen and Jeremiah, and set them in their own paradise. They were happy with the plants and animals, and each other. We saw this and we smiled, for it was good.

Adam desired a mate so badly, and we had tried our best. Now we decided to try something different. As opposed to creating something entirely new, we decided it was in Adam's interest to create someone whom he would love, and who would love him. We touched Adam and he slept. Gathering more of the cosmic matter, we divided him equally. Each part was equal, but different. Completing the halves with the gathered material, we made Adam and his soul mate: Eve. Yes, Eve was his soul mate. We had divided all parts of Adam to make Eve, even his soul. This assured that these two would yearn for each other. And we were right.

As it was, from the beginning of time, creation was coupled with the corrupting influence of the profane. While we made the woman Eve, the profane had moved against the tree of life, Yggdrasil. We had made this tree to be the embodiment of life before we discovered the soul. The fruit of the tree, when eaten, would cleanse the mind, the body, and the soul. The profane viewed Yggdrasil as the biggest threat to their influence. Rightfully so. They changed the tree, and corrupted its fruit.

When we woke Adam and Eve, we told them what you all know. “All that you see in this garden, the plants, the animals, the air, and the water, all of this is yours – except one tree. Yggdrasil, the tree in the center of the garden, is not for you. Eat the fruit from that tree, and you will most surely die.”

They took this to heart for a long while, and all was good. Adam and Eve were happy in the garden. The fact that we knew what the profane had done allowed us to circumvent their perversions. The profane would not let this stand. They finally moved against our intent in a direct manner.

They approached Eve first. She was the logical choice, really, as she had never witnessed the power of our will and creation. Never having seen these things, she would, naturally, question a thing we said.

“You will not die! Surely, you understand that! They do not want you to eat this fruit, for they are afraid you will become like them. The tree, Yggdrasil, is the tree of life, after all.”

“We would be like them?”

“Yes,” the serpent said, “they are holy. You wish to be holy, don't you?”

“Very much.”

“Then take this and eat it. Share some with your man, Adam. Become holy, like them!”

When they ate the fruit, it changed them, and not in the manner we had intended when we created the tree of life. The profane's changes to the fruit altered their cellular structure and began the unraveling of their DNA. We did not mention it to them. Honestly, the mutation of their bodies was punishment enough. The changes were contagious, as they were designed to be. Everything they touched, became mortal. As they touched the plants and made them mortal, the animals that ate the plants became so as well. It spread throughout the planet we had made. For the first time we looked upon something and it was not good. We were saddened.

We didn't remove them from the garden, it died around them.Eve became pregnant, and we saw the changes that had been made. Birthing would be difficult for her, and for all women from then on. The beauty of our system of procreation had been perverted and it would give them pain. The mortality of flesh drove a wedge between man and woman, the harmony was broken. As the garden died, they were forced to work the soil to bring forth food to eat. Eden was dead.

Yet in spite of this corruption, overall, our creation was good. Of all the trees in the garden, only Yggdrasil remained eternal. So we removed the tree from the eyes of man, hiding it in the realm of spirit. To prevent further damage from the tree's corrupting influence, we set a lone angel to guard it. This angel is named Uriel. We bound Uriel to a word, for this was the truth of the matter. Uriel's word is loneliness. While all that had transpired to this point was heart breaking, this last act was worse. We, to protect all we had created, had doomed the spirit of an angel to dwell in loneliness for all eternity.

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Memoirs of Divinity: Chapter three | Login/Create an account | 8 Comments
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Re: Memoirs of Divinity: Chapter three
by Schizo (Aranea@Spidersdance.com)
on Jan 09, 2007 - 07:35 PM
(User info | Send a Message) http://
I honestly cannot imagine why no one is posting on this... this story is so fascinating, and beautifully done... is everyone asleep? *pulls the fire alarm*

I don't know what's worse... noisy idiots, or silent friends...

Re: Memoirs of Divinity: Chapter three
by Devin (devin-at-vibechild-dot-com) on Jan 10, 2007 - 12:41 AM
(User info | Send a Message) http://devin.vibechild.com/
I actually have a copy of the whole thing over here, and I'm quite a few chapters ahead by the time these get posted, so I don't go back and read them other than to make sure they're formatted right for posting. It really is a great story, and everyone should be reading it. I nearly lost the juice I was drinking last week when I read the Adam and Steve bit. That was brilliant.

[ No anonymous comments ]

Re: Memoirs of Divinity: Chapter three
by feralucce (feralucce@wayoutonthecorner.com) on Jan 10, 2007 - 08:44 AM
(User info | Send a Message) http://www.wayoutonthecorner.com/feralucce
Devin... that actually, literally, made me tear up a little... that is such high praise

[ No anonymous comments ]

Re: Memoirs of Divinity: Chapter three
by MystryssRavynDarque (amanda-at-vibechild-dot-com) on Jan 11, 2007 - 10:00 PM
(User info | Send a Message) http://amanda.users.vibechild.com
I'm reading it. I like it. I have posted on this story already, but not this chapter. I'm already referring to it in every day life.

[ No anonymous comments ]

Re: Memoirs of Divinity: Chapter three
by Schizo (Aranea@Spidersdance.com) on Jan 12, 2007 - 01:44 AM
(User info | Send a Message) http://
Do you get to read the whole thing in a lump, or does Devin make you wait for the postings like the rest of the populace?

I'm one of the lucky ones with a full copy... and I assure everyone... it just gets better and better... and if I ever bother to read the Bible again (I'm sure I will someday)... I know this story will tinge my interpretation of the book...

I guess I just want to encourage people to post their thoughts... let Feral see what intelligent people who have actually read it think of his work, instead of just experiencing the continual rejections of the faceless corporate masses who brush it aside unread on the basis of a brief synopsis... rejection letters suck...

*hugs to Feral, and Devin, and MRD*

anyone else who wants hugs, better post!

*extra hugs to MRD for posting unprompted...*

[ No anonymous comments ]

Re: Memoirs of Divinity: Chapter three
by MystryssRavynDarque (amanda-at-vibechild-dot-com) on Feb 05, 2007 - 12:22 AM
(User info | Send a Message) http://amanda.users.vibechild.com
Haha thank you for the extra hugs. I love hugs.

I have to wait like everyone else. That's okay though, I'm enjoying the wait.

[ No anonymous comments ]

Re: Memoirs of Divinity: Chapter three
by Schizo (Aranea@Spidersdance.com) on Feb 05, 2007 - 01:40 AM
(User info | Send a Message) http://
speaking of waiting, when are they posting the next chapter? *nudge nudge*

[ No anonymous comments ]

Re: Memoirs of Divinity: Chapter three
by Xel_Pillik (-)
on Jan 14, 2007 - 03:19 PM
(User info | Send a Message)
I read all three chapters with much interest, it is beautifuly writen.
As a Christian I was kind of wary of reading it at first. Now I find it thought provoking. I was actually sitting in chruch today asking myself questions about religion that had never occured to me before.
Good work Feral I look forward to reading more

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