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Author: Subject: The most hated things.

Extreme Fanatic

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  posted on 22/4/2004 at 02:51 PM
I'm not referring to things that're just disliked or annoying, I'm referring to the shit that would make me show up at the person's door with a shotgun if killing wasn't illegal...

I'm tired of 14.8's that find it okay to act stupid, lazy, and pathetic on school performance to the point where they can't pass a 20%...especially if I am convinced that I can work hard and pass the same class with an A (getting an A- in it and I don't need to stress myself, so that's sad). It's seriously looking bad on my generation of students. Granted, some children do work hard and pass with low grades, but these kid's citizenship ratings are REALLY low.

Sick of people who go by the guidelines to the point where they miss out on common sense. I mean it's fucking okay to fucking obey the rules, but there's a goddamned point where you need to use some common sense and stop fucking telling people to "go see this person before seeing me, I won't give you information about this [even though I easily can]" (personal experience would suggest that K-Mart is dying because of this, but I know there's many good employers too). Suppose they're not important enough to hate...but it's becoming a new pet peeve.

I get sick of people who think it's okay to play victim and take advantage of their clothing. Yes we all have a degree of low self-esteem and question our self-worth, but I'm not pissing and moaning about my worthlessness anymore - I'm actually trying to make myself worthy. Thought that by my age children would get over that stage...guess not.

As sick as it sounds, I REALLY think these people's parents should have had an abortion.

*pant, pant, pant*

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  posted on 22/4/2004 at 07:22 PM
I hate slackers who sit in class and distract everyone else from learning, then have the nerve to talk back to the teacher/be an asshole when confronted about their actions. I hate attention whores who have to put everyone else down, lie, cheat, and pretty much be the lowest form of pond scum in the world just to make themeselves feel like they have some worth.
I hate people who always want more. They have everything in the world they need. Almost everything they want, yet they still bitch and complain that it's not good enough. I hate ignorant people, for example, we watched a documentary about steven hawking in school and because of his disease, people made fun of him, said he was scary, and questioned his credibility as one of the best astrophysicists of our generation. Just because someone is in a fucking wheelchair and isn't like everyone else in the world doesn't mean they aren't as good as any other person. Hell, they're probably a thousand times better than most people.

*sigh* I dealt with all those things today, so forgive me for the angst. It's been a bad day.


In my eyes, to be human is not to be able to live and die, but it is to feel pain, love, happiness, and all other things that keep our hearts from freezing over into the bloody ice that distinguishes man from the beasts of night.


Extreme Fanatic

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  posted on 22/4/2004 at 09:12 PM
I hate people who take some classes in something and fel that it makes them an expert in any situation... As an axample, I cite einstein... FUCKING BRILLIANT... 6th grade education... ENOUGH SAID


The earth turns on a tilted axis - just doing the best it can.

Hohenheim of Light~Full Metal Alchemist


Extreme Fanatic

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  posted on 22/4/2004 at 09:24 PM
I hate mealy-mouthed little sons-of-bitches that think by whining pathetically and kowtowing every chance they get will make them liked or recognized. I hate it when people apologize constantly, or at all for that matter.

I hate people who read a book and quote it's existence every chance they get without actually using specific passages, using merely the title to validate their worthless statements...I also hate it when it's a stupid assed book. I guess this might be considered a tag-along to Feral's hatred.

I hate people who pretend they are something they're not


In the valley of the Goats, the Goat Fucker is King



Posts: 119
Registered: 4/4/2004
Status: Offline

  posted on 23/4/2004 at 01:01 AM
i hate normal ppl.... what, you never had you life fucked up, so it gives you the right to look down on everyone else?!!? you stupit fuckers who always play the poor trod on innocent girl, while i get the harsh treatment from all MY friends cause they feel sorry for YOU!!! u stupit fucking bitch, think you so great, you act so innocent, but i KNOW you, u little tramp, i know u are as fucked up as i am, i know how you love to play everyone agenist me, i know you love the fact you can snob me off, SO JUST FUCK OFF!!!! get out, get lost, run away, go back to the hell you came from and LEAVE ME ALONE! you make me so mad, what gives you the right to act like you own the place, U ARE SUCH A LIAR!!!! eventually ppl will discover juts how fucked up you are, how fucking crazey you are, and they will look down on you, not me, they wont by you stupit sob story, and i will be there to laugh my head off when you finally realize, that you are all alone, no one loves you and that one day soon you will die, cold, sad and alone...................................................................... ........................................................................... ........................................................ stupit normal ppl.


I know whats it like to want to die, how it hurts to smile, how you try to fit in but you can't, how you hurt yourself on the outside, to try to kill the pain in the inside.



Posts: 580
Registered: 31/12/1969
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  posted on 23/4/2004 at 02:07 AM
This sounds like a joke... it isn't. What really pisses me off is people who assume I am pissed off. Apparently, my facial expression when I am relaxed or deep in thought makes people think I am angry, so they start pestering me about what it is that I am angry about, which really makes me angry. Now I have a reputation as the angry guy, and that just makes me furious. I'm fine, and then I see a group of people I know and they say "Oh, here comes Wolf... and he looks pissed" or "Heya, Wolf, what's got you so angry?" Up until that moment, I was fine, but then I want nothing more than to tear their fucking heads off. It's kind of a vicious cycle.



"I believe that woman is planning to shoot me again."


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 897
Registered: 31/12/1969
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  posted on 23/4/2004 at 02:59 AM
I hate people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. I hate people who think they're better than everyone else because, oh, I don't know why, they don't do anything, they're just better. I hate people who expect everyone else to solve their problems for them. I hate people who go on power trips making other people feel bad. They think this shows how strong they are, but any mindless stone can bruise. It takes far more power to heal. I hate people who take everything personally. I hate people who think that they can do anything they want and not get caught, even when they do get caught. I hate people who use children as tools to get sympathy. I hate people who use people, especially very nice people who have just been badly hurt by someone. I hate people who think that the basic rules of decent behavior don't apply to them. I hate people who plaster fake smiles on their faces around you, and then say the most outrageous lies about you behind your back. I hate people who won't listen to reason. I hate people who interrupt change the subject and resort to cheap and untrue insults when an argument gets a little too close to the truth, and then blame you for walking away as if YOU are the one avoiding the problem. I hate people who think they don't have to work to get what they need. I hate people who lie to make themselves sound better. I hate people who get caught lying, and won't admit it because you don't have the video tape to prove it.

Anyone who knows me well will know who I'm talking about. *sigh*


"You can tell by the scars on my arms and the cracks in my hips and the dents in my car and the blisters on my lips that I'm not the carefullest of girls." - Dresden Dolls, "Girl Anachronism"


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 656
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 23/4/2004 at 06:25 AM
Schizo: I second your expression of hatred. I hate those kind of people, as well. Unfortunately nowadays, in the most extreme cases, they're protected by the heart-bleeding lawyers (keyword: heart-bleeding, not lawyers) that try to cover the situation up with 'political correctness' and victimize the person. It kind of goes with my hatred for people who always wear victim clothes.



Posts: 459
Registered: 15/2/2004
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  posted on 23/4/2004 at 08:10 AM
isn't there a saying "all bad things come in three's"? or something like that...

1) i dislike, very much dislike those parents that are so selfish that they force their childred into making life altering descisions...these people make me want nothing to do with the human race..anyway.... your "mental illness" is no excuse for your actions..."i was raised to think this way"....ignorance is a choice not a way of life...you don't even know what kind of pain and torture you put your daughter through..no wonder your son never wants to come back home to you and has not made anything of himself...you have damaged your children over and over, and if there is a hell, i hope you'll burn in it..you deserve more than anyone i know...and the reason you're so fat is because you eat chocolate ice cream by the boat load...so stop whining about your weight already..why is it that you always think that everyone is against you?/..give me a break about your medication...which would probably work better if you didn't smoke so much weed all the time...

2) oh this guy really gets me pissed off.....you self indulged loser asshole...you must be out of your mind...oh wait a minute yuo are...you keep talking about how your mother mistreats you...well i've met her she must have the patience of a saint...oh yeah so you had to clean the basement..all by yourself...boo fucking hoo....you failed to mention that she paid you 50 bucks for it...hell i probably would have done it for half...you lazy peace of crap....so what college didn't work out so now you have to get a job...how long will this one last... a day? a month?...never stayed anywhere for more than a month...you were my freind and you lied about me..you helped ruin something that was great and wonderful in my life...no punishment i could come up with is can ever make the two of us even...oh and stop making up shit about how you are an angel sent from blah blah blah....i know you can't possibly beleive that right?.....

3) you have so much potential....and yuo would waste it on working at mediocre jobs for the rest of your life..in order to please your family you did things that you nver wanted to do...you have made sacrifices, unbeleivable sacrifices for a family that doesn't give a damn what you want....you are the only one on this list i feel pity for..you've even had your poetry published...and still you will never escape the life they want for you...now you're broken and depressed...yuo no longer care about what happens to you..and you no longer fight back....you've given up on everything you really care about......and everyone that really cares about you....you will never heal...you will never be the great woman i've always seen in you...you will never leave this place like you wanted...and i can't understand this...i cannot hate you.. i can only pity you.

1 and 2 are the biggest of all attention whores....i've been an attention whore more than once (especially here).... but these 2 need to grow up and quit acting like children...

[Edited on 23/4/2004 by Zero]


"It is a fool's prerogative to utter truths that no one else will speak." ~ The Sandman, Dream Country



Posts: 598
Registered: 24/8/2002
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  posted on 23/4/2004 at 08:24 AM
I absolutely HATE it when people hear the plans for what is going to happen after I have MY baby, and then sit there and tell me that I shouldn't do that. And when I insist that the course of action is going to remain where it is, they sit there and try to guilt trip me for doing it, or tell me that I personally will not be able to do it when the time comes. Well, yes I can. I'm not five, I know it's going to be hard, but they seem to think that I'm some flippant creature who hasn't really thought anything throough. It's not their life, it's not their kid, and they don't know what I went through in making some of the decisions I did. But I sat down, and I worked them out on paper and in my head, and I chose the best possible course of action. So fuck you, stupid people. My baby is going to be taken care of and loved and spoiled. Just because it's going to be wierd for the first few months doesn't mean jack shit.


Okay, dazzle me.


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 893
Registered: 31/12/1969
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  posted on 23/4/2004 at 11:19 AM
I fuckin' hate people who put money before other people's happiness, who put material possesion ahead of ecological sanctity.
I'm talking about the people who cut health benefits for the disabled to pay for another bomb, or sell off a student's education to pay for an aircraft carrier.
I'm talking about the people who think a forest is only as good as the timber you can cut out of it, the animals you can shoot in it, and the rivers you can dam(n) up to make electricity. For "progress."

EVERY day is earth day... fuckers.


Piggy's got the Conch!


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 658
Registered: 27/5/2002
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  posted on 23/4/2004 at 12:06 PM
There's nothing that makes mee angrier than people who are completely devoid of independant thought. People who listen to popular music because it's what they play on the radio. People who watch Hollywood movies and refuse to watch anything in black and white or subtitled (try getting someone like that to watch a SILENT film, oi). People who think what the television tells them to think and is intolerant to anyone who deviates from that comfy little image of how people are supposed to be. I hate people who repress how they really feel and chose to feel how they think everyone else feels.

I hate people who conform, who chose to be assimilated, who submit, who become pawns in a game they only understand as they are allowed to understand, who become puppes who dance for the flleeting joy of others, who follows the Will of someone (perhaps imaginary) other than themselves.



i wanted to die, and then it progressed into wanting everyone else to die so i could watch, and then me die.



Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 656
Registered: 31/12/1969
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  posted on 23/4/2004 at 03:08 PM
I hate it when people go to war without a plan.

I hate it when people tell me what to spend my money on - it's my money, I earn it most of the time, and I will spend it however the Hells I want to spend it...even if it means buying expensive health products and vitamin supplements. Due with respect, Mr. So-Called Charity, my needs come first.

I am sick and tired of this bloody heat (can't shoot the sun, but ah Hells I hate it anyway). Even in my previous location it makes me feel like a beef-jerky well-done steak. Maybe I should have Alaska for a retirement plan.

I hate PETA...I love my vegan and my conservative friends (I have respect for people who live up to their values), but I hate PETA and Abortion Clinic Bombers. If anyone beats the religious fanatics in extremism, these two factions do the job.

I hate rapists and pedophiles. These two groups of people need to be slowly burnt, have their skin cut open, have salt poured on them, and paralyzed while their victims (or those close to the victim) reign B-B guns and daggers on them. Fuck the death penalty - these two people need eternal torture.

*pours water on my firey head*



Posts: 287
Registered: 31/10/2003
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  posted on 24/4/2004 at 06:28 AM
I hate PETA and terrorist groups like it for what they do to children. I've seen stuff on their website bragging about the "Unahppy meal" toys and the like, and it just makes me want to go after the lot of 'em with a crowbar and a .45. It's one thing to pester adults, but it's wuite another to inflict yourself on kids, who have no other consumer power than to whine, plead, and cajole their paretns into buying stuff.

I hate the lawmakers who let people get off easy for killing kids. A guy kills his 20 month old daughter, and we're lucky if the fucker gets a 10 year sentence. If he killed his girlfriend, he'd be facing life in jail or the death penalty (at least in MO). Hell, he'd get a longer sentence if he killed his neighbor's dog. What the hell is up with that? At least a grown person has a better chance of fighting off/getting away from a killer. Kids and small animals don't have that luxury. The people who give criminals lighter sentences for killing kids are seriously fucked in the head.

People who are intelligent but have no common sense suck, as do people with common sense but no intelligence.

People who live to drink piss me off. Haven't you got anything better to do than piss your life away?

People who think violance is the answer to every question pisse me off, as do people who fight without a specific strategy. "Randomly Kill" may be fun and all, but what's the fucking point?

Fundamentalist Chritisans piss me off too. They have become a synonym for hypocrisy, as has organized religion in general.

In a similar vein, the hypocrites who bomb abortion clinics and hunt down and murder abortion doctors make me glad that we have capital punishment....maybe we should implement a suicide option as well. But if you kill someone in trying to make a point about killing, you've missed your point.

And while I'm raving, people who don't understand that their needs to be a balance piss me off.



"To Live is to Annoy." -- Rev. Lambert Reilly, Archabbot, St. Meinrad Abbey



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  posted on 24/4/2004 at 03:28 PM
great forum, i need to let go of some things.

I hate the fact that my ex boyfriend disappeared 3 years ago when i was 3 months pregnant. I especially hate his ex-wife and her current husband, the last two people to see him alive,. i hate the way my boyfriend's truck was found on hwy 217 in Bunn level NC when he wouldn't have travelled that way. I hate the detective for not listening to me when i told him that his estranged wife at the time had something to do with it. I hate the fact that she doesn't have enough fucking courage to let me know what happened the night he disappeared. I hate the way she got a divorce by placing the add in the paper because she knew he wouldn't be around to contest it or the terms relating to their two children. I hate the fact that she agreed to take a lie detector test but on the day of put herself in rehab. I hate the way she requested that his mother allow her new husband to adopt her kids when Bobby hasn't been proven dead yet. I hate how suspicious it all seems. I hate the fact that absolutely nothing that comes out of her mouth is true. I hate her for looking at her kids every day and not feeling the loss atleast for their sakes. I hate the fact that she never filed for child support because she probably knows he is dead. I hate her for torturing his mom by not allowing her to see her grandchildren just because she hasn't given up hope for her son. I hate the way that she found a way to clear his bank acount when the army flagged it so nobody could touch it. I hate the fact that my daughter may never get the chance to know her biological father , who was one of the sweetest people i have had the pleasure of meeting. I hate the fact that law enforcement botched the fucking investigation and the way the detective working the case felt strongly that he was deceased and thinks he committed suicide,okay , shit for brains how did he hide his body then?
I despise the way the entire case was left ignored and received absolutely no media coverage. I hate the fact that I am not having the best luck getting his face on tv since it has been three years. I hate the fact that his mother was too devastated to push law enforcement to do their fucking jobs. I hate the fact that I am unable to prove that my daughter is his. I hate the army for not helping me with dna testing. I hate the way his ex wife told his mother before going to iraq that if something should happen to her that there was something in a safe deposit box that she needed to see. I hate the fact that when I told the detective this last week, that he blew me off.

there is more................ I hate my first husband for treating my son like a pawn in his sick game. I hate the way I agreed to let my son stay with me for 2 months and then the week he was supposed to go home,his dad told me he didn't want him to come back. I hate what this is doing to my son. I hate the fact that both my son and I are afflicted with bipolar disorder. I hate what it does to me and the way that I clash with my son. I hate the fact that my husband had to go back to kuwait again after coming home for emergency leave for the duration of my son's stay. I hate how unprepared we were for what needed to be done for my son. I hate my first husband's idea that I shouldn't make him pay more than $250.00 a month for child support when I am putting my son in a mental facility for 5 days and I WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. It pisses me off to no end that my son has been home schooled this year and last year and he has only finished 2 quarters of his fifth grade work. I hate the fact that I may have to keep him in the 5th grade next year because his father didn't teach him anything, he just wrote down the assignments and told him to get to work. Now my son has absolutely no social skills, no discipline and if he would have stayed with his dad, no chance of having a decent life.

I also hate a war w/o a plan. I hate the fact that my husband has been sent to kuwait 3 times in one year.

I hate the way some people have dogs as pets but let them run wild and free so they can get hit by a car. If you are going to own a dog atleast take care of it. Keep it in the house. let it run wild on your property , not in the streets where either the dog will get killed or someone gets in an accident trying to avoid it. I hate the laws in my area concerning this matter because I see it as a saftey issue. I see it as a humane issue.

I cannot stand some of the things that my inlaws do, i am from the city, where I come from people call before they show up. If I am helping my son with his school work I am not stopping what I am doing to let you in so you can tell everyone my business. This is MY house, If you do not like the art on my walls or if it is too weird for you carry your ignorant ass on.




Extreme Fanatic

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  posted on 25/4/2004 at 04:55 AM
I am sick, ABSOLUTELY SICK TO DEATH of being called to the carpet by my fiance's ex. Do you think, do you REALLY TRULY THINK that we're actually going to pick up the phone, go see you, or even hang around the house waiting for you when you tell us to? I'm sorry that you have "questions" you need to ask us, that you have "had it", that you had a conversation with your sister, who happens to be my friend, and heard something you didn't want to hear! I'm sorry that you can't deal with the fact that sometimes we have things that we NEED to do, and that we can't always take the kids at the drop of a hat. I'm sorry that sometimes, we're too tired from working overtime so we can save up money to get a home for those kids, to have them overnight every weekend. I'm sorry that you don't like the fact that we don't like you, that you can't deal with the fact that we don't tell you where we're going or what we're doing or tell you every little detail of our wedding plans, including the fact that we ARE getting married. I'm sorry that you think you have a right to all this information, that you have a right to judge whether we're fullfilling our obligations as parents, that you have a right to be respected and tiptoed around.

You are not our parent, our teacher, our boss, or an authority in any stretch of the imagination. We do not have to live up to your expectations or make you happy. We do not have to secure your good opinion. We do not have to obey you, report to you, or be lectured by you.

Sorry if you don't like it. Tough for you.

You, my darling, are my most hated thing.

On a side note, can you believe this know-it-all bitch is completely convinced I'm pregnant? Michael even told her repeatedly that I'm not, but she "knows" better! *sigh* It's moments like these that make dealing with her tolerable. She is such an idiot. I really don't think she realizes we laugh at her as much as we rant about her.


"You can tell by the scars on my arms and the cracks in my hips and the
dents in my car and the blisters on my lips that I'm not the carefullest of
girls." - Dresden Dolls, "Girl Anachronism"



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  posted on 19/5/2004 at 08:58 AM

I hate fundraisers. I mean, I really, really hate them.
I've been sending the kids to public school for two years now. every month there are several fundraisers. There are the "bug your relatives and coworkers until they buy cheap giftwrap or bad candy in too-cute containers at inflated prices" fundraisers, the "market day" fundraisers, where you buy stupid convenience foods at inflated prices, the "box tops" programs where they tell you what to buy at the grocery store, and sometimes even which grocery store to shop at. There are the book clubs, the magazine subscriptions, software, it goes on and on. They always want you to buy something, or con your relatives into buying something. They bribe the kids with cheap trinkets, so that they scream bloody murder if you don't let them participate. As I have four kids, it is terribly expensive to even buy one thing from each kid. I decided last year that they would not participate in fundraisers. So my kids scream bloody murder at me on a regular basis. It inconveniences me, and it just pisses me off to no end. They've started a new practice, one that is very sneaky and absolutely infuriates me. They send home order forms for things like "spring pictures" (as if the ones in the fall weren't enough) and "summertime learning packets" that contain software and a workbook. I did not fill out the order forms and send them back, as I did not need spring picture packets or summer learning stuff, I have plenty of learning tools around the house as it is. The fucking retards at the school took pictures of my kids anyway and sent home packets, demanding payment for them! They sent home software and workbooks anyway, expecting me to give in to the screaming of my children and buy it! They are the worst in april and may. It's the end of the year "see how much we can squeeze out of these parents" fund drive. I start chanting, "I hate that fucking school, I hate that fucking school" and I can't wait until summer starts so I don't have to deal with them. Oh, they're also selling school supply packs for next year... at inflated prices, and I bet there will be more stuff to buy that wasn't in the supply packs. I did not order those either. Fuckers. And when school starts again, I have to deal with those people nickel and dime-ing me to death once more. If I had one or two kids, I suppose it would be reasonable. I have four, though. I don't think those idiots take that into consideration when they're demanding that I buy high-priced convenience foods (which we don't fucking eat anyway) or when they want me to buy four of everything they're selling. The kids have two and a half weeks left of school. I just can't wait to see the next stupid thing they send home in my kids' schoolbags, expecting me to buy it in bulk. Grrrr! (I needed to get that out. I feel better already.)




Extreme Fanatic

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  posted on 20/5/2004 at 06:34 AM
wanna buy some girlscout cookies?


Real goths wear silver and crosses to keep the werewolves and vampires away.



Posts: 511
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Status: Offline

  posted on 20/5/2004 at 10:03 AM
FUCK YOU CALLEI!!!! Grrrr! No girl scout cookies, no FUCKING magazine subscriptions, no goddamned tickets to the FUCKING SCHOOL CARNIVAL!!!! I am DONE for the year!!! I refuse to give one more shiny penny to that house of leeches! *pant, pant*




Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 759
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 20/5/2004 at 12:42 PM
i just thought you needed to get the rest of it out.


Real goths wear silver and crosses to keep the werewolves and vampires

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