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Author: Subject: Introductions!


Posts: 99
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 19/4/2002 at 10:34 AM
Ive started this forum thread because weve gotten a few introductions in the submissions. I think this would be a more appropriate place for new people to introduce themseleves, or for people who havent said much to introduce themselves, etc.

So, please, if youre new and wanting an easy way to start talking with the crazies on here, heres your chance.

Welcome new people. Play nice.

(Im ickgirl, resident..um..well, I dont have a title, but I serve some sort of purpose. Ive been around since before the inception of the site, when Devin and I used other means of airing and exorcising shmeng - but I wont go into that now.)





Posts: 115
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 21/4/2002 at 06:47 PM
:::funky theme music in background:::

Hi. Im pAris. Im a Sagitarrius. I am a musician and an artist (read: poor), and I love to read and dance and have a good time. Turn ons: when people break stereotypes, girls with glasses, whipped cream, good music. Turn offs: people who scream "WOOO!" at the top of their lungs, poison ivy, extreme anything, meat-heads.





Posts: 114
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 21/4/2002 at 08:00 PM
going with the music theme...cheap seventies porno music...

Ok, I can join this game...

*clearing throat* Hey, I\m Sarah, I\m a 20 yr old Scorpio. I think I am a cock in the chinese zodiac. I go to college (LIberal arts and social sciences-bullshit major) I usually have my nose buried in a book, or lost in my own little world, I like the woods, I like to read, and occasionally go out dancing (badly) and drinking (to much) I love cats and snakes( I have four cats and one snake, although none live with me right now, cause I stay on campus), animals in general, hiking, writing, and rough sex (I HAD to throw that in). I play the flute (since fourth grade), I know a little French, and am pretty fluent with sign language. I have an extremly overactive imagination, so I avoid hallucinogenic and other drugs (not to mention that whole they could kill you thing) I just smoke too many cigarettes, drink occasionally (straight vodka-the expensive stuff), and once in a blue moon (meaning like maybe once or twice a year) I get stoned. I dislike preppies, bigotry, politics, war, and the color pink. Thats about it, that i can think of anyway.
Since everyone else added it, as far as the physical I am about 56" or so, long hair that is red/plum colored (naturally strawberry blond, but thats beween you and me), green eyes (naturally and with the help of contacts) very pale skin, pierced nose and four piercings in each ear.


this is your world in which we grow and we will grow to hate you



Posts: 317
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Online

  posted on 21/4/2002 at 09:10 PM
Music theme... cheap 13hundreds gregorian chant...

Hi, Im Devin the Creator, and Im a Demigod. I live in the subnet, and my uptime is 61 days 7:01.
I enjoy surfing, smiteing heathens, and chillin in the ethernet. Turn ons include worship, cult orgies, and polytheists. Turn offs: the White Man, mono people (monotheists, monogamice), and Shmeng


So Sayeth Me



  posted on 21/4/2002 at 10:26 PM
Im Katy. I joined a while ago, this being my first post. Wee. 20, female, unemployed part time gothy person, Raleigh NC. I dont remember how I found this site exactly, some random searching led me here I believe. I wish I knew what I searched for. It must have been screwed up... heh.
Visit: thee site




Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 759
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 21/4/2002 at 11:57 PM
::::: Dominatrix "dominatrix sleeps tonight" (chant mix):::::

Hi im callei. Im Mistress of orgies. You can call me "oh callei, Mistress of Orgies".
Turn ons: sex.
Turn offs: trolls, bad poetry, TV, and bad grammar.

Favorites: things you may have heard of, things that you havent heard of, and dodging shmeng.


Real goths wear silver and crosses to keep the werewolves and vampires away.


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 893
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 22/4/2002 at 05:40 AM
--"Rose of May" from FFIX--

I am Ironboots, self-proclaimed king of the forums, with no real power. I simply sit on my cardboard throne and talk.
I enjoy using the computer, mostly...
When Im not using that, I may play upon my guitar.
If Im at school, I am sleeping, debating what the teacher said (causing havoc in the classroom), or drawing (depending on mood); drawing up fantastical plans for castles, machines, or creatures.
And I really enjoy roleplaying...
*marches back to cardboard throne, sits*
Continue with normal music!


Piggy's got the Conch!



Posts: 248
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 22/4/2002 at 05:54 AM
sounds like a goth dating service on here lol!

My name is Sarah,16, Capricorn
been posting here for a few months now and I worship the ground that Devin Walks upon (not really, But Ill give him a little ego boost))
Turn ons: blood and being bitten...good poetry, good music and long hair or some kind of musical talent
Turn offs: Ignorance,whores,bad poetry and people who preach

::weird porno music:: :evil:


My Life is like a porno-Without the sex-Just the weird music



Posts: 3
Registered: 16/4/2002
Status: Offline

  posted on 22/4/2002 at 11:15 AM
music theme: the bunny song http://www.benicetobears.com/music/secret.mp3 <-- which can be found there

I am hipperthanu (and Im hip because I use u instead of you).. Im an 18 year old of the male sex, from Western Massachusetts.. I dress like a prep, act like a nerd, and hang out with the goths (and each group doesnt really know what to make of me it seems).. Im currently still wasting away in high school but will soon be majoring in Communications (tis phony major!) at some college or another.. Im a music whore (read: obsessed), movie monger, and I watch way too much television. Im a gamer/computer nerd and I put my grubby little cynically optimistic mind into everything I can. Im not goth in the least, but I love the art of it. Oh plus, Im narcissistic, or at least self indulgent (in case you didnt notice).

Im new to shmeng and found it courtesy of miss Vampcourt (she likes to talk to me and hope my hipness rubs off on her). Joy.

"were not insane, were just pretending, at least, I think we are." -Spacehog


you. me. a bottle of baby powder. the backstreet boys "larger than life" on repeat. a can of moxie. thems the makings of lovins or my name ain't Jesus H. Christ.



Posts: 50
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 22/4/2002 at 12:45 PM
ill just stick with the porno music.. :-D

my names christian, im 15, i live in a small country called sweden, located somewhere in the northern region of europe. im new here. dont quite recall how i got here, though.

i like: books, music, computers, darkness, beautiful things, people with good vibes, rainy or cloudy days, good television(lynch, kubrick, tarantino)

i dislike: sunny days, ignorance, people who try to shove their beliefs down your throat, bigotry, fascism, capitalism(and the way our society forces people into it), bad television


All your base are belong to ME!!!



Posts: 50
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 22/4/2002 at 12:47 PM
oh, and add violent computer games to the list of things i like :evil:


All your base are belong to ME!!!


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 893
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 22/4/2002 at 05:07 PM
I hate pastels, too... Theyre dusty and they smudge and get all over the place... Theyre so hard to use, it drives me mad... -- Personal interjection I had to get out. :roll:


Piggy's got the Conch!



Posts: 293
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 22/4/2002 at 05:11 PM
*Plays Bjorks Bachorellet in the background*

Hi im court, VAMPcourt. Gnah hah. yeah.. Im a 22 year virgo whos interests are music, art, Dancing, Kats,Photography, painting, drawing, anime, comic books, fake hair/wigs, being a general animated human being, sex, makeup,Strange films/Directors,LOUD industrial german stuff,Tatoos and piercings,Animals rights and Peoples Rights, Punk as Fuck people, Goth as Fuck people, friends, paranormal and reading.. (there is more but i dont feel like typing it all) im a long time shmenger and i m sarcastic. but dont let that fool you. Ive got a heart and im also not hard to aprroach. My favorite colors are black, purple, neon green, magenta, and red.I work at a miserable hell hole with miserable people and i will soon be relocating myself on the west coast. Weee Hee. i likes them miserys!!

Feh. they can shove it up thier hoo-haw.



"Thou shalt not be afraid of the dark, nor of graveyards nor ghosts nor the devil, for thou art scarey and mean." -The Goth commandments


Occasional Poster

Posts: 18
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 22/4/2002 at 06:25 PM
~~music: cucumber by brak *stuck in my head*~~

*wave* Im Amanda.. or Prism. Depends on how friendly you feel. Im 15, and Im stuck in the rainy hell hole also know as Seattle. I dont know how or when I found this site, I just stumbled on it and wouldnt leave.

I love to read, mostly piers anthony and isaac asimov. Heinleins Stranger in a Strange Land was amazing to me. Music of all sorts, cats, computer games, interesting looking skies, weird people, various sorts of art, action and comedy movies that are actually decent. Its all good stuff. Ah yes, I may be overly fond of attempting to entice the various males I come in contact with. *grin* I cant help it. (Or dont want to.. its fun. And generally entertaining if the person in question plays along.)

Overly feminine or whiny people, pink/putrid yellow, spice girls, loud obnoxious prejudiced people, and those trying to fake a southern accent just get on my nerves. As do girls with bleached blonde hair and fake tans.


I'm defective!


Posts: 116
Registered: 14/4/2002
Status: Offline

  posted on 23/4/2002 at 12:51 AM
this is bettie_x aka: my pasword is wonky and I cant login!
^*^welcome to the new peeps ^*^
*enter bauhaus "dark entries"*
22, married, satanist (laveyist/humanist) Aries (as if you cant tell) and a monkey in the chinese zodiad (laugh, I dare you). Explains the fondness of banannas and short temper...anyway.
Im an artist (I play pretend) and do oil painting, sculpting, ink drawing and flash art, music lover covering everything from 70s glamrock and goth, guns and roses, johnny cash, diamanda galas and pj harvey, concrete blonde, 80s pop like cyndi lauper, dead or alive, and billy idol. Dont forget the industrial and darkwave kids...gotta give some love that way.
I read too much, smoke too much, drink too much, sleep too little, eat poorly (for a vegan) and scream a lot. enter "chainsmoking karaoke barbitch".
I seem mean, but Im usually quite nice...I do try, am often unsuccessful, but the effort is there at least. Im the resident maniac, harbringer of doom, and princess of darkness *bwahahah*, Ive been here for a LONG time, and Im open to anyone who needs anything about anything.
Adores: Michael (husband, houseboy, sex slave) animals, veganism, seahorses, bats, art, music, good friends, good enemies, sleep, tattoos and clairol nice and easy natural blue black hair dye.
Oh, and sex, booze, and rock and roll.
Loathes: just about everything not mentioned above...anyone know a good shrink?






Posts: 114
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 23/4/2002 at 03:04 AM
Bettie, have I ever mentioned how awesome you are?


this is your world in which we grow and we will grow to hate you


Extreme Fanatic

Posts: 897
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 23/4/2002 at 04:29 AM
*plays J.S. Bach the Art of Fugue*

Im Schizo. Im 25, black (or dark brown, depending on the state of my dye. Now Im kind of half-and-half) haired, green eyed, and naturally pale as a ghost. I had an eyebrow piercing, but it got irritated, and I took it out, and it grew together *boohoo!*

I know far too much about Christianity for my own good. I am (almost) 7 months pregnant with a very active child. (Settle down in there, kid!)

My favorite activities (for the moment) are visiting Shmeng, playing Final Fantasy X, reading, exploring the woods and the local graveyards, and trying to help my babys father to find a job so he can support his kids (mine and his exs.)

I love spiders, the colors black and red, fast cars, good books, contrapuntal music, languages, going temporarily insane, and people who can laugh at themselves.

I hate hypocrisy, nosiness, bossiness, lies, self-important people, mindless music, political correctness, and illogic.

I am the Mother Confessor of this website. Come to me with your confessions, and Ill (supposedly) give you an answer of compassion and common sense, assign your penance, and if youve been bad enough, send you straight to the Mistress of Discipline!

Oh yeah. Im a Scorpio born in the year of the Dragon. Potent, huh?


"You can tell by the scars on my arms and the cracks in my hips and the dents in my car and the blisters on my lips that I'm not the carefullest of girls." - Dresden Dolls, "Girl Anachronism"



Posts: 511
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 23/4/2002 at 06:33 AM
Mistress of Discipline here...

Im Meranda, Im 28, Taurus, and Ox in the chinese calendar... hair in varying stages of red, depending on when Id last tried to dye it to a brilliant anime cartoon red and green eyes. Married to Rogue, 4 kids ages 8-4 (yeah Im the original fertility goddess)

Im here to see that people play nice, and give people with naughty confessions to Mother Schizo inventive discipline.

Likes: adventure, books, dancing, my family, my friends, gourmet cooking, people getting along, music, romance, petting my friends, and all that is good and beautiful in the world

Dislikes: stupidity and meanness, especially when theyre together, belittling or rudeness, violence, or anything else of a shmengy nature





Posts: 178
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 23/4/2002 at 07:55 AM
-= plays horrible 80s synth-pop =-

Im DevilBunny aged 20, usualy male. Im tall, thin and handsom... er, right.
Im in Central Europe. Umm... Ive got black-red hair and some piercings (lip and nose). I also study a couple of things. And I dont get enough money for doing all that.

God, this feels stupid.

I like: night, candles, music, books, intelligent girls, suicide photos, art in general, ruined castles and such, talking and drinking too much with a certain Angel.
And I dont have anything against Marilyn Manson...

I dislike: sunny weather, what people did with the world, conformism, stupidity, fascism, religious fanatics and the whole modern society lot.





Posts: 463
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 23/4/2002 at 09:41 AM
*Nods to the DJ* "Praise your Fears" by :Wumpscut: starts playing...

Hello, my names Adam, Im a 21 year old Libra/Monkey, and (correct me if Im wrong) the only Corporate-Rivet-Goth here.
I basicly spend my week days sitting in the office staring at the computer screen or working on the servers(Im IT), and spend my nights and weekends reading, playing games, camping, watching movies normally consisting of anime and horror, hitting on cute girls, computers, and grilling.
Just about every saturday I round up my freinds and we go to the club where I feul up the dancing engine with a few Long Islands Iced Teas or Jack and Cokes then proceed to boogie down.
Im an outrageous flirt and will hit on anything with two legs(and even that requirement is just a suggested one) although it has gotten me into a little trouble a few times(and is probably the reason I am currently single, oh why does no one take my cheesy sexual advances serioulsy?).
well, thats me in a nutshell. If you have any questions, feel free to have your people call my people.


Sometimes I dream about dinosaurs shopping for cargo shorts at the Gap. Does that make me a bad person?

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