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Author: Subject: Sexual Encounters Of The Third Kind


Posts: 63
Registered: 27/3/2003
Status: Offline

  posted on 4/1/2004 at 02:01 PM
I'm not someone to go around blabbing to the world about details of my personal life. I'm not overly superstitious nor do I have a knack for "seeing" things I, or anyone else for that matter would consider paranormal. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good ghost story or seeing one of my friends freaking out because, supposedly, their house is haunted. I do hold a few superstitious beliefs, one of the more prominent beliefs being that, Bad Things Come In Groups of Three. I kind of had proof to this Friday, January the 2nd.

My boyfriend and I had made plans to hang out and just be around one another. It was the last Friday night we'd have before school started again and he got a job. It was pretty much the last night we'd have to be together without stresses and tiredness weighing us down once again. We went to his aunt and uncles house to pick up something for his mom, then we went back to his place and watched a movie. A documentary on the musical career of Journey, his favorite band. We left his house a little hot and bothered after a heavy make-out and petting session on the couch. We drove to one of the many fields his family owns. Flat, secluded, empty. No one for miles to disturb us. He and I were the only people for about 4 miles in every direction. ( This comes into play, later)
Things started as they usually do. Traveling over the seats to sit in the back. Kissing and groping. Eventually the cloths came off. It was only the 3rd time either of us had ever had sex. We'd lost our virginity to one another.
In the middle of it, I happened to look out the window. The fog outside, and the steamed windows distorted the image a bit, but I saw distinctly a small golden light moving through some trees in the distance. I freaked out. Josh looked around and there was nothing there. There was nothing to have even caused the lights that I had seen.
A little bothered (and I don't mean in a sexual way) we resumed what we had been doing previously. The wind howled and we both began hearing strange noises around the car. Both of us were visibly frightened.
Josh, bound and determined to continue what he had started kissed me, and we continued to make love. Both of us, probably, paying more attention to our surroundings than to eachother. And then there was a loud thump.
Something had hit the car. In the middle of an open field. Where nothing was around. He looked around all sides of the car through the windows and then locked the doors. Something strange was definately going on. That was the end of it. He had finished and neither of us really had the will anymore to get me to a completion.
He climbed into the front seat, nothing on but boxers and jeans, and started the car, all the while strange noises surrounding the car. I got dressed in the back while he drove, making his way out of the field.
It had rained a few days before, and his uncle who also fancied alone time with his girlfriend in the fields had left muddy tiretracks all over the place. I'd asked him if it could have been his uncles lights that I had seen, but he answered that his uncle wasn't even in the same city that night.
We continued driving, trying path after path, trying to get out of the fields. The tires spun in the mud and we were forced to try new ways out. After several attempts, he said he couldn't get us out using the paths he and his uncle normally took. They were too muddy and loose. The car could never make it up them.
He remembered a path they hadn't used in a long time because a tree limb had fallen over it during a storm a while back. Reluctantly, he left me in the car by myself and went out to find the path so that he could move the limb. The whole time, I'm in the backseat thinking, this is exactly how horror movies play out, expecting "Rawhead and BloodyBones" to burst through the car window at any second and kill me or expecting to see Josh, bloody and limping back to the car. Even if there aren't such things as monsters, coyotes aren't exactly a rare thing where we happen to be.
He came back to the car eventually, bruised and semi-bloody. He had managed to move the limb, of course it fell on him a few times, leaving him aching and scratched.
We made it out of the field using the path he had cleared. We went back to his house so he could change his dirty cloths and wash the mud from the spinning tires off of the car.
He got me home fifteen minutes before my curfew and both of our families are none the wiser to our little encounter in the field.
The experience is only further proof to me that bad things come in groups of three.

In case you're wondering, the point of this forum is to share any strange happenings that deal with superstitious beliefs or just any random thing that has gone awry.


In my eyes, to be human is not to be able to live and die, but it is to feel pain, love, happiness, and all other things that keep our hearts from freezing over into the bloody ice that distinguishes man from the beasts of night.

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Posts: 50
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 4/1/2004 at 11:11 PM
Ravensoul, that's just scary. Did you guys ever figure out what it could have been?

I, too, have a story to share (cut down since this is the 2nd time I've had to type it. Darn comp.)

I live in the oldest dorm of campus, which, of course, has several ghosts or ghost stories associated wtih it, like all good old buildings. The one ghost that applies to this story, however, is the "knocking priest" who supposdly walks around and knocks on any doors with their lights still on after 10, because back when this was a boarding high school, 10 was the lights-out time.

I was in my room, it was 10:15 or so, and I was fooling around with a good friend of mine when there is a knock on my door. I figure okay, no big deal, throw on a shirt and go to the door. There is nobody there. Cursing drunk pranksters, I close and lock the door, and go back to bed.

Ten minutes later, another knock. I call out "who is it" and there is no answer. I ignore it.

Five minutes later, another knock. I ask again "who is it" again, no answer, no sounds of footsteps in the hard tile hallway outside.

Another five minutes later, another knock. Again, no signs of people, no answer.

At this point I'm a bit curious, so at 4 minutes later, I watch the door. There are only a few dim lamps on in my room, full flourecent lighting outside. I see the shadows of and hear a few people walk by, and then, at exactly 5 minutes, no shadow, no sound, another knocking.

Getting a little concerned, but figuring what the hell, my friend and I turned on the big lamp in my room and wait to see what happens.

Exactly 5 minutes, again, my locked (and I checked) door opens just barely, my light goes out, and the door closes again.

This only happened once, and has never happened again, but it certainly was a little freaky. Perhaps the priest was hoping for a show ;-)


Being Passionate is the only way to survive



Posts: 246
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 14/1/2004 at 09:31 AM
ooo, freaky. All I have are common experiences such as rumors and bits of cold places and just the jeebers feeling that goes along with any old abandoned house... also, yes, I am afraid of walking at night alone... but more or less from the bad horror movies I've seen.


When the world is over, will we wonder how it began?



Posts: 63
Registered: 27/3/2003
Status: Offline

  posted on 18/1/2004 at 09:39 AM
We went out there again last Friday night and everything went ok. When we were getting ready to leave though, we heard that thumping noise outside again, and when we started to drive we could hear that we were dragging something along behind us. So we kept driving and when we got to the road, he looked in the mirror and saw that we were in fact, dragging something. He got out and looked. Turns out, we were dragging the bumper of his moms car. Something almost tore it clean off.
Needless to say, no more field expeditions for us.


In my eyes, to be human is not to be able to live and die, but it is to
feel pain, love, happiness, and all other things that keep our hearts from
freezing over into the bloody ice that distinguishes man from the beasts of


Occasional Poster

Posts: 21
Registered: 10/1/2004
Status: Offline

  posted on 18/1/2004 at 07:31 PM

A Real-Life Ghost Story

Yeah that is wierd. I always get that sort of wierd stuff whenever I'm walking/driving down my street at 12 a.m+. It's a long street with not many houses or street lamps, and no matter what the weather is, it's darker than most anywhere else. Since we live up on a tall hill, it's really windy. Also, that's just the setting. It is absolutely SILENT, even when it's windy, somehow. Except once at 2 a.m. , when I was walking home from a neighborhood friend's party. About halfway back, there was this incredibly loud howling noise, not like a dog, though. I had and still don't have any clue what I can really associate the sound with. Anyways, whenever I would just jog along, it got more distant, but would catch up with me in no time at all. By that time I was convinced that one of my asshole friends was playing a really bad prank on me. So I yelled "You guys are so fucking dead tomorrow!" in the general direction of where the howling noises came from. No reply, of course. I walked the rest of the way home, and it would get really, really cold for no reason at all (it was also in the middle of August during a heat wave). I did run the rest of the way home, and when I closed the door, there was a loud thump, like someone or something ran into it. When I opened the door, there was no sign of anything in the front yard. Given this experience, I make sure all the parties are held at MY house. Call me crazy, but I think something out there has it in for me.

Another case, which was less scary but still weird, was when I was staying home by myself for a weekend during the winter when I was 15. Around 10:00 P.M., I was sitting in my room painting (on canvas; it's my hobby/part-time job) when the floorboards outside my bedroom door (which, by the way was tightly closed) began creaking. I looked outside my room to see if it was my cat(s) or something: nothing. I closed my door tightly again. A minute later, my bedroom door began to (extremely slowly) open by (it would seem) by itself. I checked the other side of the door cautiously, only to find: nothing again. Still bugs me, this one does. Funny thing is it happens every year on the same day, which by itself is a sort of unusual date for anything to happen: December 17th. It sometimes happens on the Thursday closest to that day, sometimes.


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm schizophrenic
And I am too



Posts: 10
Registered: 15/1/2004
Status: Offline

  posted on 19/1/2004 at 06:58 PM
freaky............. stuff always happens to me......... i think i might have an incubi or something because one day i was on the phone (as usual) and watching tv when out of the corner of my eye i see someone looking at me (a shadow person?) so i tell my friend to wait while i check it out. i get up and go down the hallway into the livingroom since its the only place it/he/whatever it was could have ran into, and i already checked the bathroom. i stand there and shout "im here...........come and get me!" and a few seconds later my leg feels as if it was being licked........... i touched my leg and it was still wet and i know there were none of my cats around. i was freaked and told my friend about it ( he was still on the phone). that night i have a dream where i was raped by a shadow person......... but i was more seduced and went willingly along with it........ a few days later i was reading a book and see someone watching me ( a shadow person) and i just leave it as that, like im going crazy........... again the shadow thing was in my dream but this time i didnt want to and he forced himself upon me......... i awoke all scared to see a shadow person sitting on the edge of my bed. man, i just got up and walked into my sisters room thinking it would not follow me, it did and kept watching me.......... but it was a shadow.......... and it had what i believe to be horns........... i havent seen my incubi in 3 weeks but i know he will show up.......... ut i did say somthing my mom told me to say " i tell thee to leave me be in the name of god!" and that might be why my shadow lover isnt around lately............ i have more but this was the freakiest encounter ive had with the supernatural............


i will follow master......



Posts: 376
Registered: 31/12/1969
Status: Offline

  posted on 20/1/2004 at 08:09 AM
I reckon I'd shit bricks if any of that stuff happened to me! I've been quite disappointed in that nothing anywhere near paranormal has happened to me, though I've pranked my friends a few times. I suppose it's a good thing though as I can be a complete and utter wuss, and would probably end up running screaming. Kudos to you guys for not completely panicking.


Do not fear death so much, but rather the inadequate life.



Posts: 63
Registered: 27/3/2003
Status: Offline

  posted on 20/1/2004 at 02:54 PM
My friend Beth has convinced herself that her house in haunted. It's not really surprising because some fucked up shit always happens when I stay there with her. It's also not surprising that "hauntings" occur around here a lot because the whole area that I live in used to be indian burial/religious/hunting grounds, and a lot of the fields are civil war battle fields. Kentucky, is an indian word that means "bloody ground," as a matter of fact.
But anyways, back to my friends house. Whenever you're there you can sometimes hear a strange whistling noise move through the house and down the halls, and its not only people who hear it, she has 3 dogs and they can hear it too. One will whimper, one will bark at it, and the small one will cower and whimper. So, if a dog is responding to it, it's definately not nothing because animals can sense those things. Another thing is.. you just see random strange things out of the corners of your eyes when you're at her place. Last time I was there, Beth had another friend over, and she and Beth kept seeing something behind the christmas tree. They both saw it at the same time, I was sitting with my back to the tree, but when they saw it, i got a really bad cold chill and my eyes started to water. Randomly that day, we'd feel cold spots or feel like something was touching us. Beth and I both had scratch marks on our arms, but neither of us had scratched ourselves.
After I got into wicca (I don't do wicca anymore for parental reasons, and i don't think it was the cause of any of the problems)and started messing around with my ouija board, I started to see these things that I like to call "shadow demons" They look like small cats with really pointy ears and tails that are too long to be cat tails. Their skin kinda looks like pvc, that shiny black leathery stuff. I only see them when im in a dark room by myself, and only out of the corner of my eye. it's like they disappear when i look directly at them. My friend Sonia, who lives in Texas has seen similar things, so has a friend of mine who lives in New Jersey. Sonia is the one who brought them up to me once. So that's what made it creepier.
There was also this one time that I was sitting on the couch in my living room and out of the corner of my eye, I think I saw a man in a yellow sweater standing in the hallway by my bedroom door. I usually don't say things about it when I think I see or feel something, but just out of the want of conversation, I mentioned it to my mom. I had said, " I could swear I just saw a man standing by the door to my room," and my mom asked me if he was wearing a yellow shirt. I freaked the fuck out. She said she had seen it the night before.
Occasionally, I'll hear scratching on my door. I used to just blow it off as being one of the cats, because we have 3, but one night I heard it at the top of my door. There is nothing up there but a small cardboard replica of a coffin that I hung above my door, so nothing could have been up there. What made it worse is that it sounded like whatever was scratching slid down the door. I told my friend Beth about it and she said the same night, she heard scratching on the wall and thought it was the dog. The same night I'd heard the scratching, I had been messing with my ouija board. I never really believed that they bring about spirits or trapped them in our world, but I kind of do now. I always thought it was just a game.
What I hate most about talking about the supernatural things I've come across is that whenever I do, my eyes start to water really bad. It's almost like I'm crying when I talk about it. It's really annoying.


In my eyes, to be human is not to be able to live and die, but it is to />
feel pain, love, happiness, and all other things that keep our hearts

freezing over into the bloody ice that distinguishes man from the beasts



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