VibeChild Banner Exchange

VibeChild Banner Exchange

A banner exchange is a way for a bunch of sites to help promote each other. Sites sign up and show other site's banners, in exchange for other sites showing their banner. If you want to join, all you do is fill out a form and paste a little bit of code (that we give you) on your page. Then for every hit your page gets, your banner will be shown on one other site.

The VibeChild Banner Exchange is to promote Gothic, glam, Rave, glitter, punk, vampire, GLBT, faerie, spooky, fetish, sex positive, or other cool sites. We might give you some free exposure credits if your site is really cool and relates to what we're doing.

If you try to be sneeky and inflate your credits with scripts or by putting the banner on an auto refresh page or hiding it where nobody can see it, we'll delete you.

No porn sites! Period! Banners may not show any nudity. Many of the other sites in the exchange are for all ages, so banners may not show genitals, nipples, or butt crack. Please also do not submit sites which engage in image theft or other intellectual property abuses. If someone else created it, then you need his or her permission to use it on your site.

The VibeChild Banner Exchange is a free service. It is provided as is and can be revoked at any time, without notice. If this happens, you will lose all of your credits. Just be good, and it won't.

VibeChild is not responsible for content on member sites. Banners must be 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels tall and less than 15k. Banners must be stored on your web server (you will provide a link to your banner's location, not the banner itself). Please do not put the banner code more than twice on any one page.

Update - Dating Service Sites are no longer allowed. Although I have no objection to dating services, their marketing practices are starting to resemble porn sites. I sometimes get a dozen new submissions in a day from "dating sites" that consist of a bunch of banner exchanges and a link to some real dating site that pays them a comission for each click. I really have no objection to this other than the fact that it's stupid and makes you look like a weasel, which makes me look like a weasel if you site is approved. I don't like the way weasels look. I don't find them cute.

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