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Fiction: Memoirs of Divinity: Chapter four
Posted by feralucce on Tuesday, February 06, 2007 - 12:09 PM PST

Let's talk about what happened after the death of the garden. Adam and Eve left Eden, because they had no choice. The land had become a waste, the water would not sustain life. Today, the area of eden is mostly desert. While desert is not my favorite form of climate, it is quite beautiful, and hosts a plethora of life forms.
They left the garden and went into one of the cities we guided them to. Yes, they left the garden and went to a city. There have been many discussions about this. No, that is not right; they were outright arguments. People ask, “How could they have found a city outside the garden? They were the first humans.” This is not true, plain and simple. We created the universe, then we created the planet, then we created the plants and animals. Then we created man. Then we created the garden. Then, and only then, did we make Adam and Eve. The people outside of Eden went about their lives, doing what people do. They made communities, and eventually cities. Honestly, I do not see why this has been such a huge philosophical debate.

While I am on the subject, let me address another silly conflict. Many people have argued over this point, and I think it has raged on long enough. Adam had no belly button. He was built from the template of all man. None of those who were created from the star-stuff ever had a belly button. Only those who followed. You see, the belly button is a side-effect of having a MOTHER. No mother means no belly button. Don't believe me? Look at the few test tube babies humans that have been produced. None of them had belly buttons either. End of discussion, end of argument. Why do you people insist on fighting over the silliest, most trivial things?

We want peace and harmony in the whole of creation, but that seems too much for most people. In New Orleans, there was a church that had an argument. They had received a donation from an insurance claim when one of their number died. The money was ear-marked for the church to buy new hymnals. When the time came, they took a vote on the color of the cover of the books. Some felt that the hymnals should be blue, to signify that the dietary laws stated they should eat no blood. The other group felt that the cover should be red, because they felt that it was acceptable to eat blood. Their reasoning was sound. “He gave himself to fulfill the laws, so the food stuff in the old testament no longer applies.” Regardless of your beliefs on the matter, the color of a book, no matter how symbolic, should not be a source of contention.

Back to the story. The debate raged for weeks with people becoming more and more angry with each other. Both sides felt that they were right. Eventually, there was a third group who did not care and started pushing for purple to signify that both sides were right. It almost came to blows. Actually, on the spiritual plane, it did. One month after the argument started, one group had had enough. They left the congregation. That, in and of itself, is sad, but what happened next was much worse. Late that night, that group came back with chain saws, and cut the church in half. You heard me. They cut it in half and took their half away with them. I don't care what your beliefs are, if you even have beliefs, but that is just silly.

For the record, there are a lot of things that have been done in our name that we are ashamed of. The crusades are a big one. I mean, who goes out and saves the infidels by killing them? That's kind of like a war on terrorism or screwing for virginity. And while I am on the subject, let's cover other things done in our name that we're not happy about. The brief list: holy wars, gay bashing, the Salem witch trials, anything Fred Phelps does, terrorism - we want worship to be a joyous thing, not strife and violence. If they don't believe exactly as you do, and you feel the need to be violent over it, perhaps it is you who is wrong.

September 11th. I don't even need to list a year here. 9/11 has become the embodiment of religious fanaticism, and Christians all over the world have used it as an excuse to indulge in violence. I will admit, what happened there was a tragedy. Yet, I would like to go on record and say this: the United States, and it's capitalistic religious fanatics, brought it on themselves, plain and simple.

Let's take a good, long look at Bin Laden's motivations against the United States. The United States tends to view themselves as altruistic benefactors to the rest of the world. To that end, they go everywhere, attempting to “share the wonders of the western world” with the “uncultured savages”. Of course the rest of the world rebels against that kind of activity.

When settlers first came to the North American continent, you found an indigenous people and did exactly the same thing: you tried to bring them “culture.” They rebelled and waged war upon the white man. Think long and hard about it. When your country was founded, the British Empire felt the same way. They decided to bring additional culture to the untamed savages of the Americas. They came with their ships, their men, and their guns, and they tried to show you the glory of their ways. You fought back. You killed them by the thousands, and they were bewildered by your behavior. I mean, who wouldn't want the culture and benefits of the British Empire? So, tell me, why would you expect peoples with their own beliefs, religion and unique culture, to react any differently than you did?

They don't see it the same way you do. They see it as a malicious subversion of their beliefs – an attack on all they hold dear and holy. Let's say, for instance, that someone told you that your mother was a whore, her marriage to your father was a sham, and as a result, you were a bastard child. Let's say, that someone came to you and said everything you believed was a lie. Let's say that they called you a liar, a heathen, and stupid for having faith in what you believe in. You would be livid, angry beyond reasoning – possibly violent.

Now, imagine that you are a white, Christian, man. That is what you have done to these cultures, both domestic and foreign, for decades, and in some cases, centuries. Yet, you have the gall to wonder why they are angry. Of course, it's not entirely your fault. The Muslims, the Hindus, the Asatru, the Christians, the Shinto, and the rest, all of you have had your problems with violence in the past.

Anyway, I have strayed way off topic here. Cain and Abel is what I meant to discuss. Well, I guess I was not that far off topic. It amazes me how certain things were left out of the book when your holy men wrote it. Adam and Eve knew each other, in the biblical sense. Why choose the word “knew?” They made love. Naturally, they had children. The quran shares some information that the torah does not. Their first born male child was named Cain, but he was not born alone. He had a twin sister. When Abel was born, he too, had a twin sister. Now, in the bible and torah, this next bit was left out. I suspect that it was removed during the Inquisition, but I am not really sure; I've never researched it. Regardless, we decided to present them each with wives. Cain was to wed Abel's sister, and Abel to wed Cain's. This didn't make Cain at all happy, for he felt that his sister was, by far, more beautiful than Abel's. Honestly, this is just silly. We, at this point in creation, had made every woman lovely beyond belief. Even in this day and age, everyone is beautiful in their own way.

As we have seen time and again, women have been indirectly responsible for many conflicts in history. Though, to be honest, it was the male's belligerence that drove the phenomenon. Before you get upset about this statement and claim that the divine and the religions are a misogynistic boys club, let me assure you that that is not true. Since the dawn of time, men have felt that women were one of the things worth fighting over, and women have done nothing to stop it. As a matter of fact, since the dawn of time, women who are gorgeous have been very, very aware of it. As a direct result of this awareness, they have an aura about them that drives men wild. This was the first time it was really an issue, though.

Cain, in his displeasure, decided that he wanted his brother's wife. This sentiment festered deep within his breast for a great long time. When the time came to make an offering, he did so under protest, bringing the worst of his crops. Abel brought the best of his herd. Of course we honored Abel's offering over Cain's. His was brought as a joyous offering, while Cain's was brought before us as a chore. Since he didn't want to give it, we did not want to receive it. We didn't reject his offering because it was fruits and vegetables, but because he was angry that he didn't get his way and gave us the worst of what he had.

He was embarrassed by our rejection, and this made him angry. In many cases, humans feel that possessing something they have desired for a time will alleviate the anxiety of anger or hurt. It is rarely the case, but it is a hold over from our design. Animals have very few needs and desires. Survival of self is the first. This entails food, water and shelter. Survival of species is the next - sex, love and companionship. Relief of boredom is the next. So, to relieve his anger, he decided to take what he wanted. He killed Abel to get this goal. He committed murder. I don't understand how someone would think we would reward them for an act as heinous as this.

When Abel died, we felt it. There was a knot of discord in the symphony of existence, and it pained us to hear it. Abel's blood watered the ground, and the ground wept for him. His blood called out, a high clarion call through the whole of reality. We came to Cain and asked him, “Cain, where is your brother, Abel?”

He told the first lie we had ever heard, “I don't know,” he said. “Am I my brother's keeper?”

For the first time, we were angry. Not annoyed, not miffed, not put out - we were angry. How could one of our chosen do the one thing that was unthinkable? It was not unforgivable, but it was not something we ever thought could happen.

“Cain, we know what you did. We can hear your brother's blood crying out from the ground.”

We cast him out, and cursed his hands so they would no longer be able to till the ground and call forth fruit. We marked him as ours, so anyone that would kill him would know that this one was not to be harmed. Even in our anger, we did not commit violence, as this was not our way.

Even in the gospel, where we laid out a path of love and harmony, there are statements that engender this path of hatred and violence. We have spoken throughout eternity to work towards peace. Matthew quoted us as saying, “He that is not with me is against me.” What we really said was quoted by Luke, “He that is not against us is for us.” Such a simple change in wording, yet the meanings are so complex.

I focus a great deal on the torah and the bible. These two books account for a a huge portion of the planet's religious believers. I am focusing on them because they are the most read, and honestly, the most wrong on so many occasions. Get over it. You have seen the light, but we hold the deed to it. There is no one, true way. In other words, human paths and lives are different; what is right for you, may not be right for someone else. To assume so is the ultimate arrogance. We designed the universe with the truth.

The truth is much like a river. The delta at its mouth portrays truth and reality as they are. The river that flows to the ocean represents the fundamental basis of the universe. The delta is a visual representation of all of the beliefs of mankind; it is an infinity of divergent beliefs and paths that contribute to a coherent portrayal of the the way things really are. The millions of little branches all flow from the same universal truths. We honor these divergences. So should you.

Let's take a look at the tower of Babel. Humans decided to build a tower to the heavens. This, in all seriousness, was impossible. There was no way, with their level of technology, that someone could build a tower to the heavens. It was a dangerous undertaking. Even in the modern world, you still haven't reached the heavens, just space. You haven't even left your solar neighborhood. And mankind wanted to reach the heavens with their tower.

We tried in different ways to discourage them. We caused accidents, shortages, and the like, but the nature of man is stubborn, and you wanted to build it anyway. So we did the last thing we could: we scrambled your language. The bible would have you believe we did this as punishment, so you could not reach the heavens. We want you to reach the heavens, but when you are ready. We scrambled the languages of man to keep you from hurting yourselves.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that made me sad. It said, “God, please save me from your followers.” I don't care if you commit murder or atrocities. Well, that isn't true, I do care, but you are going to do it anyway – it's in your DNA now. But if you are going to do something horrible enough to be ashamed of it, don't slap our name on it. Buddha, Mohamed, Allah, Jehovah, Bast, Kali, Yahweh, Odin, Zeus - whatever you choose to call us, that is your business. Don't go around blaming us for your viciousness and cruelty. When we destroy, it is out of a need to preserve the whole, in much the same way a doctor cuts out cancerous cells to save the rest of the body. When you do it, you do it without any rhyme or reason.

The war in the Middle East isn't about terrorism, but about revenge and oil. You even lie to yourselves, saying it is to prevent terrorism in the future, while committing acts of terrorism in the present. How can you prevent terrorism with terrorism? To those of you who are saying, “We're not the terrorists,” think about this: The “anti-terror war” bombed children in school, and hit a hospital. Supposedly this was an accident, but I do not believe it was. You, by supporting this war on terror, are supporting a different form of terrorism At least have the guts to admit it.

Regardless, the U.S. Military went into Iraq in search of Bin Laden. There has never been any indication of a link between the two, save for the fact that they both hate the U.S. So, your leaders lied to you and went there. They went there for oil. Yes, fossil fuels are a precious commodity, but there are other options. Solar power, hydro-electric plants, wind power – all these are viable. We even made ethanol work as a fuel for you. It's a cheap, renewable power source to power those cars you like so much.

Speaking of lying, what is with all these athletes thanking us when they win a game? For that matter, why do “Gantsta Rappers” do the same thing? All these people thank us for all these things that we could not give a flying rat butt about. While gratitude is nice, paying lip service to something you don't believe in is just dumb. What, you think that athlete really believes, when he's spending millions on cars and toys and drugs and whores, but letting a homeless man starve to death? Do you think that rapper screaming, “Fuck the police!” really believes in the love of the divine?

The greatest blasphemy I can imagine is saying “Amen” or “Hallelujah” when you don't mean it – that or saying “I love you,” when you don't feel it. Also, for the record, the only sport we give a damn about is hockey, which is truly divine. We gaze upon the cup with the name Stanley and we smile, for it is good.

Anyway, all in all, this is not about the violence, though that is a major issue. It is all about honesty. Quit lying to yourself, and make those in important positions be honest with you, too. And, honestly, quit lying to us. People say that the divine has stopped listening, but that is not true. We only listen to those who are honest enough with themselves to be completely honest with us.

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Re: Memoirs of Divinity: Chapter four
by Jesi on Mar 08, 2007 - 12:09 PM
(User info | Send a Message) http://
"Also, for the record, the only sport we give a damn about is hockey, which is truly divine. We gaze upon the cup with the name Stanley and we smile, for it is good."

I choked on my food because I laughed.

Thank you.

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